Lawsuit: Massage Envy Trip Turned Into Sexual Assault in Laguna Beach

Massage only, please...
For one California woman, Mother's Day 2011 will always been remembered as a horrific nightmare after her massage therapist yanked down her underwear as well as his own and tried to mount her at Massage Envy in Laguna Beach.

That's the sensational accusation contained in a lawsuit filed this month by Jane Doe (we don't identify sex crimes victims by name) against the owners of the massage parlor and Mark Peregil Valenzon, the therapist.

"At first, the massage appeared to be progressing normally," claims Doe in the lawsuit. "But then, in the middle of the massage, I heard heavy breathing and the sound of clanking metal coming from Valenzon's belt."

Doe says that Valenzon, 35 and a Lake Forest resident, then "forcefully . . . pulled down" her underwear to her knees and, despite her screams, attempted to climb onto the table with her.

She fled the room "in shock and shaking with fear," according to the lawsuit.

Doe claims that her cries for help and requests to call police were ignored by Massage Envy personnel. She had to leave the business to call 911 herself.

"One of the officers who carried out the investigation later told Doe that upon questioning Valenzon admitted to sexually assaulting her," according to the lawsuit, which asserts that the incident has left Doe suffering intense anxiety, can't work and experiences nightmares.

Orange County Superior Court criminal records do not show that Valenzon has been charged with any crime in connection to the incident however.

But Susan Kang Schroeder at the Orange County District Attorney's office said, "We have the case logged in our office, but haven't filed charges yet."

Doe's civil lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages, has been assigned to Judge James J. Di Cesare in the county's central courthouse in Santa Ana.

Scott J. Ferrell, Doe's Newport Beach attorney, told the Weekly that while Massage Envy "advertises itself as a safe place for women to relax and enjoy non-sexual massages," it hired "a criminal with a history of violent schizophrenia to massage young women in dark rooms."

John and Barbara Meeks, the massage parlor's owners who are named in the lawsuit, were not available for comment.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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In regards to Tweezle Di's comment below, I, like you, usually believe there are 3 sides to every story, but i personally know Ms. Doe and assure you that this is no "scam". She was absolutely assaulted by Mr. Valenzon (he even admitted it). She is a wonderful person and i hope she can find a way to move beyond this horrific event.

With that being said, I am also a patron at the Massage Envy in Laguna Beach and have always had nothing but skilled, professional massages there. There are a number of fantastic therapists working there and I hope that one bad seed doesn't tarnish anyone's view of the complete operation. They obviously need to be MUCH more careful in their screening of new hires, but I would urge people to look beyond this incident if they are looking for a relaxing, therapeutic massage at a great price. Of course, in any situation, it is important to use caution, but I believe that the (hopeful) arrest and sentencing of Mr. Valenzon will be the end of these crimes at Massage Envy for a long while.


First, in the State of California to be a Massage Therapist a person must posses a valid State Massage Therapist license issued in Sacramento, I understand The application is a detailed 10 page form, and a part of obtaining the license is completing a criminal history check complete with fingerprints. I also understand it takes about 4 to 6 months to be processed.

Second, to be a legal massage therapist a person must take a certain number of hours of  certified massage therapy classes. (I believe 1000 hours is the minimum) and a certificate is required to be submitted with the application.

Third, there are usually 3 sides to every story, (Her side, His side and the truth). I may be naive, but I do not believe in trial by media. I cannot imagine a massage therapist risking their license to attempt to rape a client with no consent... However anything IS possible. I am curious Mr Moxley, if the case is investigated and found to be a scam by the plaintiff will you publish her name and mention the massage therapist was not found to be guilty?

I am also curious if this massage establishment advertises in the back pages of OC Weekly?

It is legal for Law Enforcement to record a massage in a sting operation, too bad it is illegal for a massage therapist or establishment to have even an audio record of events for their protection. Had this been allowed, this would be an open and shut case. I am sorry, it just seems that running to file a civil suit even before the DA has even decided if there is evidence to file a criminal complaint is a bit hasty. I believe usually a victim waits for a guilty, (or not guilty) verdict before going to civil court. But perhaps the Massage Therapist is a OC Republican with connections LOL.

mitch young
mitch young

Poor woman probably thought 'male massage guy, Laguna Beach, no problem.'

Steve Rendon
Steve Rendon

I never trusted "therapist".... its too close to the "the rapist"  a simple space bar makes a big difference.

But seriously that sucks that happened. They should have screened their employees better, but that's really the managers fault.

I know Massage Envy can differ from location to location due to the managers or what ever they call the boss people there.

My girlfriend works at the one Costa Mesa as an Esthetician. She is very sweet and nice and would never do ANYTHING like that. So you should go there and ask for Jenn! =D


No tienes razón de afirmar q es otro violador latino y ademas , en Massage Envy no contratan ilegales, que fácil es estereotipar a los hispanos, cuando la ley es la primera en fallar, que justicia si todos solo ven solo lo que quieren ver y de donde sacan mas dinero para su propio beneficio , y si tu apellido es Chávez serA que tu también eres violador e ilegal????


I totally agreed. You can not only listen one side and judge. I don't believe everything she said.

Bill T.
Bill T.

Your points are well taken Dweezle but it's my impression that OCW does post corrections as facts that may change stories are bared. I note that the statements of allegations are clearly stated as such ("accusation ... filed ... by Jane Doe ...", "Doe claims that her cries for help ..."). If this were Opry, the qualifications would have been ommitted and we would have been expected reject any possible defense by the accused.


So massage therapist are rapist.... Hahaha get a clue.Like you said the state who gave him a license and the clinic is at fault. Also, the creeper who did this is the main person who is to blame!! Stop trying to advertise for your girlfriend because I think that was the main reason for your post in the first place.

Bill T.
Bill T.

"hated" es pendejo muy bien conocido por todos. "Consider the source".

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