Craigslist Buy of Fullerton Police Badge Leads to Meth Pipe, Stolen Big Screen and Teen Runaways

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A worker for the city of Orange saw something unusual for sale on Craigslist and contacted the Fullerton Police Department.

The item: a Fullerton Police Department badge.

But, after arranging a buy, cops got more than their hardware back.

They got burglary tools, a meth pipe, a big-screen television and two runaway teen girls.

Damn, sounds like a party at Charlie Sheen's!

After responding to the Craigslist ad, the buy was arranged Monday night at East Orangethorpe Avenue and South Placentia Avenue in Placentia, where undercover officers determined the badge the girls hawked had not been worn by Fullerton cops but dispatchers.

Breaking up, the cops followed the girls, ages 16 and 17, to an address where they found the goods that included the big-screen TV stolen from an Anaheim Holiday Inn.

The girls were sent to juvie.

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Matt...hope Charlie sues you into abject homeless the time and place he was found with runaway teen-agers...sounds more like your momma did it...why snide remarks behind someones back...tell Charlie to his face, and he'll probably break your face...mamby pamby panty waist...nasty name calling punk, and a poor replica of a real reporters excrement...just the news, or get the f out of journalism....

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