Former Weekly Publisher Will Swaim's Newest Project: "Republic of Costa Mesa"

Mr. Swaim's new soapbox.
Will Swaim, the former fearless leader of the Weekly has reappeared at the helm of a blog focused on the rocky political landscape of Costa Mesa. But with "Republic of Costa Mesa," he's not taking the standard liberal approach that some may have expected; instead, he seems to side mostly with the city.

"The bottom line is that I'm attracted to the issue, its an important one: the collision between public employee union benefits and pensions on the one hand and city services on the other," Swaim explained. "It seems to be an issue where those with a lefty, liberal position, like myself, would tend to lean in favor of the union."

After assessing the facts and hearing the rhetoric of both sides, Swaim wasn't buying what the Orange County Employees Association was selling.

"From what I was reading it seemed like people were falling in lockstep with the simple propaganda of the public employee leadership, and no one was questioning the leadership," he said. 

The Wordpress blog was launched in mid-May, intended to be geared toward media criticism, but it grew to be something more substantial. Swaim says he was startled by the way OCEA made "a symbol" out of Huy Pham, the city employee he fell to his death on March 17.  

"My wife was saying stop complaining and start writing," Swaim said. So he has.

While Swaim will be producing most of the content, there will be contributions from Janelle Flores, who went through the UC Irvine literary journalism program. Swaim has also had help from his stepson, James Anderson, in setting up and designing the blog.

After resigning from the Weekly in January 2007, Swaim started up The District Weekly in Long Beach soon after. In Nov. 2008 he left that paper, moving on to LA CityBeat--which folded a few months later. When The District closed up shop in March 2010, it left some unhappy, and unpaid, former employees in its wake.

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Costa Mess
Costa Mess

The residents were hoping an investigative journalist would seek the truth. Most residents do not agree with the council's tactics, nor the unions. The city is in shambles and the residents are getting screwed. The OCGOP has taken over and dictates policy and direction. Would be great if Swain wasn't drinking the koolaid and would report what's really happening.

Lizim Hu
Lizim Hu

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The guy stiffed people who worked for him. How much is Lobdell paying him to shill?

No more District haha
No more District haha

If this reporter had done even a cursory Facebook search, he would've discovered that Flores is Anderson's gal pal. Another Swaim family disaster.

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