Ed Royce: Let 'Em Eat . . . Nothing--Wants to Cut Food Assistance to North Korea

Yo, Kim, serve ketchup on your cardboard
Journalists can always count on Orange County politicians to say something sensational on slow news days.

For example, Dana Rohrabacher (R-Costa Mesa) recently opined to Iraqis that they should pay the U.S. for all of the costs of the invasion and occupation of their country orchestrated by President George W. Bush and based on Bush's lie that there were WMDs hidden there.

Now, Ed Royce (R-Fullerton) is arguing that humanitarian food assistance to North Korea, a program approved in the past by Democratic and Republican presidents, should be cut under President Barack Obama.

Like prior White House occupants, Obama doesn't want the North Korean regime to get any crazier and believes that sending basic food supplies to the poor nation might help keep the nuts there calm.

But Royce doesn't want calm in North Korea. He wants to see the regime collapse right now. In hopes of rushing that goal, the congressman is using his post as a senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee to chop 100 percent of the Obama Administration's budget for North Korean food.

Said Royce in a press statement this week, "Providing food aid not only allows Kim Jong Il's oppressive regime to divert scare resources toward its military program--one that has grown increasingly threatening over the past several years--but it delays the day when real, structural reform will come to North Korea."

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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Bonnie Nelson
Bonnie Nelson

Does Ed Royce realize that withholding food is a war crime? 

To deny food to other human beings---regardless of their country's "governing ideology", or the fact that they might be ruled by sociopaths, or for any other reason---is genocide. And I don't use that word in a flippant or casual manner. It's gravely serious.

Does Ed Royce want his name to be remembered in history as someone who publicly advocated the starvation of 25 million human beings? Because, that's what we're talking about here; people. Just like you and me---and just like our children and grandchildren and the kids they go to school with.

Have we been so brainwashed and so desensitized to our common humanity, that we Americans can actually disregard the other 94% of the planet as if they were something other than people?

It's disgraceful that a member of the United States Congress would publicly call for such sadistic and criminal behavior in the name of our good country. Shame on Ed Royce.


Thank you Congressman Royce for standing up and taking the correct stance.

Raymundo Garcia
Raymundo Garcia

The whole point of going to war is to achieve something (SPOILS OF WAR). I quot Bush now "Iraqi oil will pay for the war in Iraq". Where is the spoils of war will let me tell you, our armed forces used to be 100% self sustaining another words they used to do everything themselves until Bush 2 that is. All those spoils of war that are armed forces fought and died for went not to us the tax payer the ones footing the bill, but to Halliburton, Bechtel International and the oil companies. We need to have a lawsuit brought against everyone that was involved The Citizens of the US Vs. Halliburton, Bechtel International, Bush and the oil companies and sue to get are money back and if the judge ends up being bought and payed for and dismisses are case then we need to use are 2nd. amendment rights and take what is ares back.

As for North Korea, I agree we should cut all aid to them. Shit we have millions in are own country starving. it is treasonous for the US to be giving food and aid to a enemy of the US which North Korea is. 

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