Disneyland, California Adventure Raise Admission Prices--Again.

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Looking to go to either Disneyland or California Adventure anytime in the near future? If so, you better be ready to shell out a few more bucks for your park ticket/annual pass.

Yep, Disney is once again raising their prices on all admission tickets. Learn more about the new price increase, as well as a history of the cost of Disneyland admission throughout the years, after the jump.
Yesterday, Disney officially announced that the price of their adult one-day ticket to Disneyland or California Adventure will rise to a flat $80. The raise is an increase of $4.

Have plans to purchase an annual pass to save some cash with multiple visits? Well, those prices have increased as well. The Premium pass, which allows visitors access to the park for 365 days and covers parking, will increase by $40 to $499. The Deluxe pass, which gives visitors access to both parks on 315 days out of the year, will raise by $50 to $379. And the Southern California Select pass, which allows access to both parks except on 205 blackout days, will see a $15 increase for a total of $199.

The increase marks the twelfth price hike in admission in ten consecutive years. (Disney raised admission prices twice in both 2005 and 2006.) The price would have increased consecutively every year since 1999 if 9/11 hadn't created a hardship on tourism. Disney held off on raising prices that year (thanks, terrorists!), though they had raised their prices twice in 2000.

Of course, these small increases of a few dollars here and there mostly go unnoticed by the average park goer. But when you look at it like this, the impact of the raise over time is apparent: Ten years ago (June 2001), the cost of a one-day, one-park adult admission was $43. Today, it's $80. That's nearly a 100% increase in just one decade. Thirty years ago (June 1981), the cost was $10.75.

Here's a breakdown of the price increases, as well as their rate of increase, since then:

  • 1981: $10.75
  • 1982: $12.00
  • 1984: $14.00
  • 1985: $17.95
  • 1986: $18.00
  • 1987: $21.50
  • 1990: $25.50
  • 1991: $27.50
  • 1993: $28.75
  • 1994: $31.00
  • 1999: $39.00
  • January 2000: $41.00
  • November 2000: $43.00
  • 2002: $45.00
  • 2003: $47.00
  • 2004: $49.75
  • January 2005: $53.00
  • June 2005: $56.00
  • January 2006: $59.00
  • September 2006: $63.00
  • 2007: $66.00
  • 2008: $69.00
  • 2009: $72.00
  • 2010: $76.00
  • 2011: $80.00

Unfortunately, the price increase took effect yesterday (Sunday, June 1), so unless you have a time machine available you're pretty much screwed already.

And if you do have a time machine available, odds are you have much more interesting things to do than go back in time and save a few bucks on a Disneyland pass. Where/whenever you're traveling to, mind if I come along?

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It is still cheaper then Wald Disney World in Florida.


Still cheaper than going to see Elton John, or The Eagles, and you can stay all day!


Walt Disney must be spinning in his freezer. He envisioned a place where any child could visit even if they were poor. He also put a cap on daily attendence so the crowds wouldn't spoil the park. what happened? The JEWS took over and look what happened.


all people have to do is don't purchase tickets ....go on strike and let it sit empty they will lower the prices then but no one seems to care the more they raise instead of going on strike they will pay the money which is retarded.. but its just like gas prices raise same thing..


adjustments for inflation, or are they contemplating giving in to hotel maids?


these people are crazy.. too much money....

A Nonymous
A Nonymous

I mistakenly "liked" the freezer part before I got to reading the anti-semitic part.


You and Walt would have been good friends...he was a raging Anti-Semite too. You two disgusting individuals deserve each other!

Bill T.
Bill T.

What rate(s) (historrical annuals?) did you use?  thx. Your post is very illustrative.


Numbers are like Chinese sign language to me, so I'm impressed. Thanks for posting.

Bill T.
Bill T.

I make it almost 7% annual price increase (actually 6.9%), also it's my feeling that they have cut back over the years so it's my take that if they are realy not keeping profits up it's due to mismanagement.  If my salary had increased at that rate I would be sitting very pretty.


If I could find the annual earnings for just Disneyland I'd be curious to make another chart to show what their profits look like.

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