LA Times X's Out Brand X But Expands Community Coverage to Aliso Viejo and Laguna Niguel

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The Los Angeles Times is pulling the plug on Brand X, a website and print insert with event and cultural coverage aimed at young adult readers.

Today marks the final print version of Brand X, while the website will cease to exist after July 8.

Some good news for Brand X editors and photographers who now have to polish up their resumes: the Times Community News (TCN) empire is expanding, with new papers coming to Aliso Viejo, Laguna Niguel and Pasadena.

Since Brand X moved last year from the daily's feature department to TCN, the website's writers and photographers may already share break-room coffee with their potential new bosses.

Kevin Roderick at LA Observed shares the Los Angeles Times Media Group memo sent to employees:

Colleagues: Having local, community-based reporting in the mix of news and information we deliver continues to be of great importance. As is our need to regularly assess our portfolio to ensure our editorial and advertiser solutions are connecting as intended. As a result, we are rolling out plans for Times Community News' (TCN) second expansion of the year and ceasing publication of Brand X.

TCN's Glendale News-Press, Burbank Leader, La Cañada Valley Sun, Huntington Beach Independent, Daily Pilot, Coastline Pilot (Laguna Beach) and Sunday News-Press & Leader (Glendale, Burbank) have proven to be community news leaders and go-to marketing solutions for area advertisers. Together with The Times, they are providing in-depth local coverage across Southern California and greatly extending LATMG's overall reach and depth.

This is an area of growth and success we can celebrate. The Los Angeles Press Club recently honored The Times' Jeff Gottlieb, Ruben Vives and Team Bell with its first-ever Public Service Award and TCN's Editor Dan Evans received nominations in both the Journalist of the Year category for the Glendale News-Press and for his Burbank Leader column this week. It is clear; we are delivering on our commitment to being Southern California's number one source for news and information.

TCN's expansion will bring its roster to nine titles, including the following additions:

  • Pasadena Sun: a new Friday publication featuring political, sports and public safety news debuting August 5th.
  • Sunday Valley Sun: a new publication combining La Cañada's Valley Sun and the new Pasadena Sun to serve both communities with a Sunday edition beginning August 7th.
  •   Coastline Pilot: currently serving Laguna Beach, it will expand its distribution and coverage to include Laguna Niguel and Aliso Viejo beginning Friday, August 12th.

Brand X is a product we should all be proud of, and look to as an excellent example of LATMG trying new things. However, it did not find the right level of success. In order to invest our resources in areas of development, today's print edition will be the last and will shut down on July 8th. Our Brand X talent will transition into similar roles elsewhere in the company. These changes reflect our market leadership and entrepreneurial spirit.

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Very, very sad to see such an inspiring zine get taken out of news stands. I depended on Brand X for my inspiration, connections and entertainment information. I doubt they will come up with something better.


This is the end of an era. A few years ago when I moved in downtown I would rush to the spots where brand x was delivered before bums would get the stacks for toilet paper and blankets, or so I would assume. 

how would la times even know if brand x was a success when its issues weren't even that accessible? Brand X's main demographic aren't in shady downtown la spots nor near freeway exits. 

and now la doesn't get a cool newspaper but more affluent OC communities do? whatever.

Every week I looked forward to Wednesdays. Today at midnight, I got off the subway before my stop at union station and I walked around flower and 6th street to different machines to find my Brand X.  I need my Brand X every week.  so I finally found some. yay I got my Brand X. The world is in its place. I put it in my bag. Got on the subway, and then when I was on another subway I opened my bag and saw that it was last week's issue.

oh man, I loved you guys. I just loved the random quirky interesting articles written by and for my generation.  I loved how Brand X would fill me in with cool weekly la events and even upcoming bands and artists. Loved the articles on agriculture, technology, eco-friendly stuff, wine, beekeeping, etc.  You guys will  be missed. Thank you so much for your hard work.  There's no justice in the world, there really isn't.  This really sucks.  The shit with substance always gets the can in this country.  But hopefully the void will be filled somehow soon.  Thanks guys.

 thanks. Peace.  Stay up.

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