Anthrax Threat at an OC Bank Causes a Scare--Turns Out It Was Just Poop

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Not that Anthrax--but it could have made for a funny gag.
On Saturday morning, a man walked into a Chase Bank in Lake Forest and claimed to have anthrax in his backpack. Naturally, widespread panic ensued.

When the police were contacted, they immediately shut down the surrounding streets and called in the bomb squad. While details have not come out about the man's intention, or whether he escaped with any money, he was located soon after, in his car, according to ABC-7.

When officers detained the man and searched his backpack, it was determined that the contents were harmless. Turns out, the man had defecated into his backpack.

The man with the backpack was identified as Steve Shapiro, 55, and was arrested on suspicion of making false threats. He was taken to Orange County jail. It is expected that Shapiro will undergo a mental evaluation.

Maybe the poop was Shapiro's metaphor for how he perceived the music of Anthrax, the 1980s heavy metal band.

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*Is quietly amused at the Anthrax joke*

In all seriousness...yeah. Psychiatric evaluation for the bastard, STAT.

Used Karma Salesman
Used Karma Salesman

The other Anthrax was only poop when they had Dan Nelson singing. (Pun intended.)


When you gotta go, you gotta go.


lmao love the name and the av

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