$10 Million Anonymously Donated to UC Irvine

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While its student body works toward wrapping up another fulfilling school year at UC Irvine, the university administration received one heck of an anonymous end-of-the-year gift: $10 million. That's one way to say thanks for the memories.

The gift was received from an anonymous donor. The university already has plans for the money: $9 million will go toward an endowment fund for scientific research, while the other $1 million will go toward construction of a new building for the Paul Merage School of Business, according to OC METRO.

That's not too exciting. The Weekly had other ideas in mind.

We were thinking it might be a better idea to outfit university security with vehicles shaped like anteaters. You know, give 'em a new slogan, something like: "Don't f*ck around, the power of anteater will get you!"

Or better yet, why not invest the money in rebranding the sports program with a new mascot, something more fitting or original than an anteater--the Panthers or the Lions or the Feral Cats or how about the UC Irvine Company? Hmm, maybe we should look into this "anonymous donor."
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Cool.   I respect the anonymous donation.    Go Eaters

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