Maloof Bros. Aren't Bringing an NBA Team to OC, But They Are Dangling $1 Million to Pro Skateboarders

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​The idea of the Anaheim Royals helping to fill the cheap seats at the Honda Center is dead and buried--for now. He tried, but co-owner Joe Maloof isn't bringing the Sacramento Kings to Orange County. He is, however, bringing an opportunity for a professional skateboarder to win a $1-million-bonus as part of the Maloof Money Cup

Chris Cole is an accomplished street skater and the winner of three straight Maloof Money Cups. If he can continue his current string of wins (OC 2009, New York 2010, OC 2010) he'll earn himself not only the $250,000 winner's share, but the $1 million bonus Maloof promised just a year ago, as well.

What's that your mother said about giving up on your worthless skateboarding dreams and going to law school instead?

27409_chris cole.jpg
Chris Cole will be skating for $1 million.
The MMC event will happen in the fall, but an exact date hasn't been set. The event has been moved from the Orange County Fairgrounds to the not-yet-built Vans skate park in Huntington Beach. (That may present a problem.)

Cole left the Maloof Money Cup after his win last year in OC, joining the rival Street League, according to an Associated Press report, but he is contracted to compete in the upcoming Orange County event. With the added money, Cole has indicated he certainly intends to attend, and the Street League brass are fine with that move.

With events scheduled in New York and Washington, D.C. prior to the event in OC, it is possible that another skater could reach three straight wins heading into the OC event and also have the opportunity at the $1-million-bonus.

Hopefully the skaters have the proposed bonus deal in writing, because we in OC know what happened last time the Maloofs tried to bring something to our county.

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