Octomom's Porn Seducer, Vivid Entertainment Has a New Target: Star of the Royal Wedding, Pippa Middleton

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Hirsch thinks Pippa has the potential to be an adult film star.
Sorry, Nadya Suleman, your claim to porn fame has come and gone. Vivid Entertainment founder Steve Hirsch has a new somewhat-famous starlet to pursue. A woman with more than just the command of 14 babies. This one has the ear of the future (quasi) Queen of England. Hirsch wants Pippa Middleton.

Yeah, that Pippa Middleton, the one of Royal Wedding fame. The other Middleton in a white dress, hers a bit more form-fitting and most often viewed from behind. 

Pippa's older sister, Kate, may have locked down Prince William in the most thoroughly-documented wedding of all time, but Pippa caught the eye of most every man sitting up at 3 a.m. watching a wedding being broadcast in England. Including Hirsch.

According to a TMZ report, Hirsch sent Middleton a letter, calling her "the star of the recent Royal Wedding," and offering her $5 million to appear in "just one explicit scene." Of course, Hirsch indicated, Pippa could have her "choice of partners." 

If you're doing the math, that offer is five-times the initial amount he offered to Octomom to get sexy scandalous. Women with an over-active womb are so last year. 

It's not just Pippa that stands to profit from this business endeavor: Hirsch offered another $1 million to her younger brother, James, to appear in a separate scene. 

The Middleton parents must be so proud.

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