Live From Ground Zero, Al Jazeera Presents Obama

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You can watch live coverage of President Barack Obama's speech this morning at Ground Zero on a cable news channel, your favorite network or a local newscast.

But for something completely different turn not to Monty Python but KCET, the SoCal channel formerly known as a PBS station, which will pre-empt its regularly scheduled programming for live coverage of the speech by Al Jazeera.

Channel 28's distribution partner has already been providing ongoing coverage of Osama bin Leadened (who is not pictured at left).

The Al Jazeera coverage begins at 10:30 a.m.

Coincidentally, I just happened to catch Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone at the Newport Beach Film Festival yesterday. (Three stars!) Throughout the documentary were snippets of the band's biggest hit "Party at Ground Zero" (which explains the photo on the opener page). To hold you over until MC Barack takes the mic, here's the video:

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Better yet, if you are so Liberal that you need to watch Ground Zero on Al Jazeera, maybe you should just move to Pakistan.

Enjoy your beheading, hippie!


... And people said I had no proof that Coker and Gustavo tagged that wall on the 405!

Thanks for seving up the softball Matthew bin Coker!

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