Newport Beach to Sue Medical Pot Clubs?

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Newport Beach's city council is apparently considering lawsuits against a trio of medical marijuana clubs, according to an item posted on the Newport Beach AOL/Patch website yesterday. The May 25 story noted that the three clubs were discussed in a closed session of Tuesday's city council meeting, during which council members approved unspecified "nuisance abatement" against the clubs in question.

The three clubs that the city appears to be singling out are The West Coast Cure, Nature's Alternative Solutions and The Healing Tree. Tara Finnigan, a city spokesperson, told Patch that Newport Beach's municipal and zoning codes prohibit marijuana dispensaries, and confirmed the three clubs were discussed behind closed doors, but refused further comment. There are no other dispensaries located in Newport Beach that advertise their services on either California NORML's website or Weedmaps.

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