OC vs. Boston: Oh, It's On Again, Bitch

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Boston is trumpeting the return of investor, entrepreneur and favorite son Michael Shreck, the new CEO of Beantown-based Zmags, a platform for publishing virtual magazines.

But in heralding the conquering son's arrival, Gregory T. Huang of Xconomy/Boston ("Business + Technology to the Exponential Economy") takes a shot at Shreck's previous stop, Orange County.

As you can read here:

Schreck, a prominent investor and entrepreneur, has spent the past eight years in the cultural wasteland of Orange County, CA, as CEO and managing director of Equity Pacific Group, a private equity shop.

Whoa . . . wasteland? Why the hate, Huang? Did someone cut into the line in front of you at Disneyland? Did a buffed Surf City skinhead call you a pussy? Did a surgically enhanced real MILF of Coto de Caza shoot you down?

That crack is enough to resurrect our 26 Reasons to Hate Boston, Bostonians and Other Massholes. Got more? Leave 'em in the comments.

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So what happened to JensÉ


He was being nice. To Massholes, a "cultural wasteland" is a compliment. It reminds them of home.

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