[UPDATED: Body Found in Pond] Will Norton, Joplin Teen Set to Attend Chapman University, Sucked Out of Sunroof During Tornado

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​UPDATE: MAY, 30, 12:37 P.M.: From the Facebook page Help Find Will Norton

I'm sorry to tell you that Will was found but he was not alive. We are grieving deeply. It brightens our lives to know that even in his passing he touched lives.

News accounts state Norton's body was found in a debris-filled pond near the location of the accident. His family received confirmation of his death late Friday. 

According to reports, Norton's seatbelt snapped as the Hummer H3 he was driving flipped. The death toll of the Missouri storm has hit 139.  

ORIGINAL POST, MAY, 25, 8:30 A.M.: A family from Joplin, Mo., pleads for help in finding 18-year-old Will Norton, who was yanked out of the sunroof of an SUV when the deadly tornado hit the city. 

The teen was planning to study film production at Chapman University in the fall, and was on his way home from his high school graduation when the disaster struck. 

Will's father (Mark) attempted to grab onto Will as the windshield and sunroof glass blew out of the Hummer H3 that Will was driving. Will was sucked out of the vehicle as it was picked up and demolished.
Mark was later extracted by fire and rescue crews and transported to Freeman Hospital where he is now in stable condition.

There are reports that Norton's name was seen on the ER roster at a local hospital before he was transferred out, however there's no word where may have been transferred to. His family urges the public not to contact the hospitals, but to pass on all leads to findwillnorton@gmail.com or (757) 751-9455. More information on the search can be found on the Facebook page, Find Will Norton.

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