Planet Tito Ortiz-Jenna Jameson: Break-Up, Twitter War, Staredown, YouTubed, Making Murder Plot Bail

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It is perhaps a reflection of their rocky relationship that the least strange news to come out of Camp Tito Ortiz-Jenna Jameson recently is that the former porn queen and "Huntington Beach Bad Boy" have split up again.

With that out of the way, we are free to focus on the alleged murder plot mastermind Ortiz just sprang and the war of words between the former UFC light heavyweight champ, Jameson, Dana White, Chuck Liddell and Matt Mitrione. This one will require a scorecard to follow, folks.

To properly set up all that has happened recently, we first have to go back to a March MMA Hour, which featured this "Mitrione Minute":

In case you did not sit through it all, Mitrione (a.k.a. "Meathead") says of Jameson, Ortiz and Ortiz's July 2 UFC 132 opponent in Las Vegas, Ryan Bader:

"I think it's awesome . . . AWESOME that the UFC is finally doing this. I think that it's a great promotion that they're finally letting women fight for their man's honor. I think that's a great thing. We all know that Tito's gonna give some type of excuse and back out, so Jenna's gonna have to step in and fight Bader for Tito's honor. Bader, be really careful because it's a trap fight. We all know that she's awesome off her back and she's got phenomenal top control, but remember that she doesn't choke easily."

Mitrione went on to say that he's glad he isn't fighting Ortiz: "I think that's probably a great thing [that I won't get a chance to fight him] because I would really feel bad if I retired Tito. Bader, please finish him up and send him on his way."

Jameson later tweeted the following:

That was followed by her disclosure that she and Ortiz were Splitsville:


The UFC posted the following episode of the fictional Mr. Liddell: Executive Iceman on YouTube in late April:

In somewhat comic fashion, Liddell is pretending to have taken over the reigns of the UFC from White, and in case you did not stick with the video to the end, in one scene Liddell, himself a former light heavyweight champ now retired, fakes being annoyed when Ortiz is said to be on the line trying to get a spot on the Toronto fight card. After Liddell's receptionist informs on the intercom that Randy Couture is on line two, Liddell says into his phone, "Ain't happening, Tito. Nobody likes you."

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