Graffiti in Santa Ana: "Obama Lies"

What is it about Orange County and illogical graffiti? You'll remember Michelle's post yesterday about the pendejo who tagged "Osama Forever" yesterday off the 405 Freeway in Westminster. This morning, in SanTana's ritzy Floral Park neighborhood, someone tagged "Obama Lies" on perhaps the most prominent part of the neighborhood that's not SanTana mayor Don Papi Pulido's estate or the Tara House: the white wall on Santa Clara Avenue just before Broadway, the route that nearly all of the bougie barrio's residents take every morning to get onto the 5 Freeway
Gracias, Stephanie Richer, for the shot. As payback, maybe I'll finally attend Mass at St. Joseph's...
Obama lies...about what? Osama? The economy? The birth certificate? The Donald? Inquiring minds want to know!

As usual, I think we can safely eliminate cholos from the suspect list, because they probably still think Dubya is president...but whodunit?

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