DA Obtains 9th and 10th Gang Injunctions, Against Suspected Bangers in Anaheim and Fullerton

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On May 11, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) heralded a "major victory" against an Orange County District Attorney's office (OCDA)-acquired gang injunction, which is a blanket court order against multiple people suspected of belonging to gangs instead of the usual injunctions served on individuals. It was a short-lived victory, at least for those who may have figured District Attorney Tony Rackauckas would discontinue filing gang injunctions. Today, the OCDA announced its ninth and 10th, this time against gangs in Anaheim and Fullerton.

The ninth injunction is actually the third against the Anaheim gang, while the Fullerton gang has had more criminal cases brought against it than any other in Orange County, and its anti-gang-activity "Safety Zone" in the North County town becomes the county's largest, according to the OCDA.

Orange County Superior Court Judge
Kazuharu Makino signed the Anaheim order, which imposed a 1-square-mile safety zone, on March 30 and the Fullerton injunction and its 7.5-square-mile enforcement area on May 23. It is up to police in each city to enforce the injunctions.

The OCDA says in a statement that the Fullerton gang's origins date back to the 1940s. That would fit with the Fullerton Tokers Town gang, the city's largest. Largest also describes the court-ordered safety zone: south of Chapman Avenue, east of the city border of Buena Park, north of the 91 freeway and west of Placentia Avenue.

The Anaheim gang has been around since the 1980s, according to the OCDA, which described the safety zone as:
south of Romneya Drive, east of Brookhurst Street, north of Interstate 5 and west of Euclid Street.

Under the orders, those deemed "documented gang members" are prohibited from engaging in specific activities within the designated safety zones. These include fighting, trespassing, intimidating or harassing others, using or selling drugs, consuming alcohol in public or possessing guns, other dangerous weapons or burglary tools.

Injunctions also prevent those named members of gangs from associating with one another, which includes standing, sitting, walking, driving, bicycling, gathering or appearing anywhere in public or public view with each other--unless they are at school or church. Flashing gang hand signs, wearing gang clothing, serving as lookouts or marking up gang territory are also prohibited. Curfews must be strictly observed.

Violating the terms of an injunction can result in criminal charges or sentencing enhancements to other counts faced by a suspected gang member.

It's the suspected part that troubles groups like the ACLU. The Southern California office has fought in courts to invalidate all or parts of gang injunctions on grounds that those identified by law enforcement as gang bangers are denied hearings where they can try to prove they are not. The ACLU and a law firm working pro bono were successful on May 11, when
a federal judge ruled the OCDA and Orange Police Department violated due process rights by denying hearings to those named in the injunction against the Orange Varrio Cypress gang.

Injunctions for gang suspects in Santa Ana, San Juan Capistrano, San Clemente and Garden Grove have previously been obtained. Crime has dropped significantly within the safety zones ever since, boasts the OCDA.

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HEY EVERYBODY!!!! My name is Zachary S. I am a registered gang member from FULLERTON TOKERS TOWN 13. I was also the 4th member to recieve the Gang Injunction. It may sound bad already, but I am not a bad person at all. I spent 16 of my 19 years of life living no more than 1 block away from Woodcrest Park. I grew up with 99% hispanics in my neighborhood. I am 99% White but was accepted by my Hispanic peers, for the most part. I was always very athletic, no matter what sport/game i played i was always great at everything I tried. Before I knew it I was 13 and getting jumped in to the Varrio. I got arrested a few weeks later and spent about 47 of the 5 years (which is 60 months) so as you all can see I never really got to enjoy my teenage years as a "NORMAL KID" My sentences began to get longer and longer while my freedom became shorter and shorter. I was getting older (17) and was going to be released from juvie in a couple weeks but my cell mate Robert talked me in to writing a letter to the the judge to request more jail time after i had already been in for 330 days. I was very skeptical but i didn't nothing to loose. My request was granted and my study time started. I recieved my GED as a result, I did it mainly to give my Mom a little hope and convince her i wasn't a "LOST CAUSE" or a "WASTE CASE'' like she was starting to think. I was released and started college with my old celly Robert and his older sister Jena who is now my VERY LOVELY WIFE, AND MOTHER OF MY SON NATHANIEL who will be 4 mo. on the 20 this month. But the streets are like quiksand and began to engulf me and drag me down to the lifestyle of a FTT gangmember i was trying to avoid. I went back to juvie again my second home.i did a couple months and was released and itching to get back to Valencia like always. 2 months later reality hit me. It finally came back to me , karma is a bitch! I was at the wrong place and had gotten stabbed 3 times. 2 to the rib cage and 1 a quarter inch from my spine. The other 2 had punctured my lung and it was a quarter inch from my heart. I thought I was a gonner for good, but it wasn't my timeto go.I DID HAVE A REASON TO LIVE! I got out of the hospital and was incarcerated instantly with all my staples and stiches still in me. I was senteced to 120 for nothing but i needed to heal up. I was released 2 weeks before my 18th birthday. And thats when the Lord sent his Guardian Angel to give me a new life. I got married 2 months after I turned 18 and my life as aman and a Father began because she had 2 daughters already. I am currently still out of jail and taking care of my wife and now 3 children. I moved away from Fullerton and haven't looked back. I also do not have anything on my adult record so employers can't review. Everything is great now but I was laid off and now problems keep comming , as a 19 year old kid the job market is tough. My debt keeps getting bigger and bigger while the bills pile up.. I have been searching and searching but an  $ 8.00/hr job is still very difficult to find.As all 5 of us struggle to stay warm with no gas and sacrifice so much to keep a roof over our heads and as a young Father it is up to me to provide but I am failing.  I did write this for anybody to feel sorry for me but I am crying out for help. IF ANYBODY ANYWHERE CAN HELP ME FIND A JOB OR HELP MY FAMILY IN ANY WAY IT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!! I AM A BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN AND FAITH FILLS MY HEART, BUT IT IS BEGINNING TO WEAR AWAY AS I LOOSE MORE AND MORE. SO I AM GOING TO CRY OUT TO SOMEBODY,ANYBODY TO HELP THIS YOUNG FAMILY IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE!!!! PLEASE HELP ME SUCCEED AS A FATHER, A HUSBAND, AND A SON. MAY THE LORD BE WITH YOU ALL AND MAY YOU PLEASE INCLUDE US IN YOUR PRAYERS.     THANK YOU SO MUCH PLEASE E-MAIL ME AND GIVE ME SOME HOPE IN FINDING MY PURPOSE IN  LIFE. SINCERELY,   ZACHARYSNELLGROVE@YAHOO.COM  


This is a good FIRST step! They need to enforce it!


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So any one consider or even look like a gang member will be a target to law enforsement i feel they are really taken this issue out of content for the simple fact our kids that are good students will be a target to this issue.

mitch young
mitch young

Are these gang members the remnants of the KKK, the descendants of those 'OC pioneer' members of the Invisible Empire? 

Yeah, safer to 'investigate' long dead white men than get out there and pursue chola gang bangers. You stay safe in the library, Gustavo, wouldn't want you to get turned out.


So what's the name of the Anaheim gang, O.C.Weekly? A-hole Journa-LEASTS!

Fed Up
Fed Up

The injunction only applies to a specific group of gang members that have been documented as gang members, either by being convicted of a gang crime, self admissions, tattoos or a combination of the above.  It DOES NOT apply to just any kid who decides to dress like a gang member, although if they're stupid enough to want to dress like a gang member, they should be more worried about rival gang members than the police.

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