Donald Trump and the Birthers Need Their Own Obama "MADE in the USA" T-shirts

We ain't got pudding, but there is proof on the t-shirt.
President Barack Obama proved all the haters wrong. He provided his long-form birth certificate, putting all the "He's not even American!" banter to rest. But the president and his campaign still want to have some fun--even after Obama mocked the lead Birther at the White House Correspondents' Dinner a few weeks back. 

In return for a $25 campaign donation, anyone and everyone can have their very own anti-Birther t-shirt, complete with "MADE in the USA" on the front and a copy of the birth certificate on the back.

Maybe some early Christmas shopping is necessary for all your anti-Obama friends?

Considering how much flack he received on the matter of where he may or may not have been born, the president handled himself pretty well. That said, it would seem like fitting payback that the Birthers, beginning with the no-longer-presidential-candidate Donald Trump should have to wear one for a day.

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 to hell with obama!!  That bastard is going to get tossed out with all of the liberal excrement


 "liberal excrement"?

I believe the foul smell you're experiencing is your own feces as a result of having your head shoved up your ass for too long!


Obviously your head is shoved up so far up Obamas ass that you havent even see the light!!  and yes LIBERAL EXCREMENT


I don't worship Obama! He's a tool of the corporations just like most of the other politicians in Washington. I'm just pissed off that yet another self-righteous conservative moron (you) is once again spouting that same old rhetoric about how liberals are always working tirelessly to screw up the country when it's clearly the neo-cons who are doing the most damage!

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