CHP Cop Convicted of Lewd Acts Attempt on 13-year-old Girl Loses Appeal

Jim Rugg
Little girl, do you know why I pulled you over?
​This week, a
 California Court of Appeal rejected the claims of a convicted California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer who attempted to sexually molest a 13-year-old Laguna Beach girl after learning during an online chat that the girl's mother was away from home.

Unless the state's Supreme Court becomes sympathetic, Stephen Robert Deck, a CHP lieutenant based in Orange County, will forever be known as the cop who was nabbed in a 2006 Perverted Justice sting operation that used "Amy," an online decoy, to lure men interested in having sex with minors.

Deck told the girl in an online chat, "I probably won't be able to keep my hands off of you," asked her if she "liked sucking cock," and took six, post expiration date condoms with him to meet the girl after learning that her mother was not home. 

In Deck's view, his conviction wasn't fair because the jury should never had learned about the condoms, there was "insufficient evidence" that he intended to commit lewd acts with the girl and Robert Mestman, his prosecutor, misstated the law during his closing argument.

But appellate justices upheld the conviction, writing in a 22-page opinion that none of Deck's arguments were persuasive.

​"We conclude sufficient evidence existed to support the jury's finding that Deck attempted to commit a lewd or lascivious act on Amy," wrote Justice Richard M. Aronson, who noted that the cop's claim that he would not have molested the girl during their encounter was "faulty" reasoning given the circumstances.

Mestman demanded a prison term for the remorseless Deck, but the cop was sentenced to a year in the local jail.

Go HERE to read my coverage of the controversial March 2010 sentencing hearing.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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Besides it being completely sick and wrong, but do pedophiles see in being with someone who is inexperienced? I've never been with a virgin, and have no desire to be with one.


One Year ?This PIG, who is in the trust of the public was trying to commit stat. rape on a person under the age of 14. THIS HOLDS A 10 YEAR SENTENCE. This is typical of the good ol boys in CA taking care of each other. DONT TRUST THE COPS, OR THE GOVERNMENT.

Robert Sexton
Robert Sexton

I'm sorry but why is this guy still stealing all of our collective oxygen by even continuing to breathe?

And someone explain to me why a Lieutenant in the CHP only gets a year in the OC Jail for this. John Q. Public would be doing a multiple year stretch in state prison for this. If anything this guy's sentence should be MORE severe than what an average citizen should get because he violated his position of trust as a law enforcement officer in an attempt to satisfy his own sick desires.

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