God v. No God Debate Tonight

Sean McDowell
Four high school students--two atheists, two Christians--debate tonight over the existence of The Big Guy.

The God v. No God debate sprang from the mind of Sean McDowell, son of Christian author Josh McDowell and the head of Capistrano Valley Christian Schools' Bible Department.

His teachings on Philosophy, Theology and Apologetics to high school students often delve into the beliefs of believers and non-believers.

So, McDowell had a meeting of the minds with Bruce Gleason, director of the Freethought Alliance coalition of Orange County secular groups, to come up with tonight's program.

The coalition has been in the news of late for participating in a second annual conference in Irvine and the hoisting of billboard in Westminster assuring passersby that not everyone believes in God.

Bruce Gleason (left) and the "Amazing" James Randi.
Rather than labeling such folks as being hell-bound and returning to the collection plate, McDowell explains he wants to get to the bottom of why more than 15% of Americans reportedly say they don't believe in a Supreme Being.

Understanding where each side is coming from, McDowell and Gleason agree, is a first step toward tolerance.

And so, tonight's event is co-sponsored by Capistrano Valley Church and the Freethought Alliance, and proceeds from the $10 admission tickets will be split among charities each chooses. It all begins at 7 p.m. at the church, 32032 Del Obispo St., San Juan Capistrano.

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True Medusa.  That's probably because not everyone who claim to believe act like they truly believed.


15% sounds like a low figure for those who don't believe in God in this country. 


Well, someone's going to have home court advantage. 


Actually it's 2 christian high school students on one side and one college senior and one high school student on the freethinking side. So, if there is any advantage, it goes to them.

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