Boycott Disney's Aladdin: 'The Biggest Threat to the Youth of Our Country'

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Boycott Aladdin
​"We don't want a whole new world!" reads the Facebook page for Boycott Aladdin, a fight against the guy Tea Party Youth LA calls "the biggest terrorist of all." 

Yes, Aladdin. That Aladdin. The one with an aerodynamic carpet and a genie friend. 

Armed with a clipboard and fliers, one young man hit the streets of downtown Fullerton and then ventured "into the bowels of darkness," aka Disneyland, spreading the message that since Aladdin is Islamic, he's a terrorist, and we should boycott the re-release of the 1992 Disney film.    

But before you go off and boycott the boycott, you should probably know that it's a joke, a parody project by TV writer Sameer Asad Gardezi (Modern Family, Outsourced). He produced the three-part YouTube series in response to the now-infamous anti-Muslim rally that took place outside the Yorba Linda Community Center.

A Muslim American who grew up in Yorba Linda, Gardezi said that starting this project was the only way for him to make sense out of the situation.

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America is a great country, anyone can achieve fame as these video spoofs prove. Why didn't I think of it first? Would I have the courage to stand against a giant like Disney?NOT!


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 Your just jealous because you probably don't have a life! Why are you always criticizing disney!

Bill T.
Bill T.

Yah, anyone can tell the huge anti-Disney bias of the OCW, for an example, see the hugely scathing coverage of the hand-crafted candy canes. I used to love Disneyland but after reading those stories I vowed to never visit the park again! Oh, by the way Viv, the contraction of "you are" is "you're".

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