Barbara Coe Takes News of Osama bin Laden's Death to Claim (Again) Barack Obama is a Muslim

You'd figure that with the killing of Osama bin Laden by special forces who acted on the order of President Barack Obama that California Coalition for Immigration Reform head witch Barbara Coe might, for even a nano-second, have something nice to say about Obama. Or, at the very least, shut her shriveled, nicotine-laden mouth for a second and not spew something nasty about the president.

HA! The news wasn't even an hour old when Coe sent out a missive to her minions remind them that Obama is a Muslim.

"We are sure most of you heard Imposter OBAMA's speech tonight, taking credit for the death of OSAMA BIN LADIN [sic]," Coe wrote (as usual, all bizarre formatting is Coe's). "HE LIES! We hope, we pray that you did NOT believe him. OBAMA is a proven, radical pro-Islamic Muslim BUT will do/say ANYTHING to get re-elected. OBAMA has illustrated that he complies with Sharia Law - which demands Misleading or Lying (TAQIYYA) to promote the Koran's mandate to "torture, kill ALL non-Muslim 'infidels'. DUMP OBAMA (and his fellow-TRAITORS) or DIE! YOUR CALL!"

Hmm. Didn't Obama give the okay to the special forces to take out bin Laden? Didn't Obama cite those forces and their mission? Isn't Barbara Coe a raving lunatic? The answers to all three, dear readers, is YES!

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Minuteman Project
Minuteman Project

Now you know why the Minuteman Project has disassociated from the California Coalition for Immigration Reform (CCIR), Jeff Schwilk's San Diego Minutemen, and William Gheen's ALIPAC. These malicious organizations have brought much disruption to the campaign to bring our nation back under the rule of law.

It is routine conduct for these rogue bands of narcissists to consider the rule of law applicable ONLY to illegal aliens, or U.S. citizens who will not "goose-step" to their selfish ideology. They seem to be void of the awareness that the rule of law applies universally to all of us, not just the targets of their hatred.

Consequently, the Minuteman Project over the past four years has had to apply the rule of law to some of their behaviors. For example, sending one of them to prison for six months, and successfully prosecuting others in Superior Court where a jury of 12 of their peers found them liable for U.S. Postal fraud, federal bank fraud, federal bank theft, and violations of federal internet laws. Yes, some of my own allies(?) tried to pirate my organization, apparently to steal its money and political influence, by deceiving a bank and stealing MMP bank accounts, and by U S Postal fraud in an attempt to divert donations to a fraudulent PO box.

Kooks present themselves from both sides of an argument, the left and the right. Both of these fringe elements, in their myopic passion to engage in predatory witch-hunting rather than a respectable resolve to a problem, consider themselves above the law.

Some of these kooks are intrinsic criminals seeking to satisfy an egotistical urge to be recognized as an undisputed leader of something, or simply to gain access to another person's money or property for their own financial gain.

Unfortunately, the price paid for ignorance and selfishness is that a resolution to the problem is never found because the participants of the so-called solution spend their time and resources fighting each other in their quest for unchallenged dominance over "their side" of the issue.

I must be doing something right. I have as many persons hating me from the extreme ultra-right fringes of the illegal immigration debate as I do from the fanatical ultra-left. I guess that comes with the territory of political activism.

Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, The Minuteman Project- operating within the law to support enforcement of the law -


Really worth reporting? Geesh, getting old. Who cares what he is, but I will say we all know he is a liar - doesn't matter what religion. He is a joke for a President... But enough trying to start crap. Report the real news.

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