Anaheim Historical Society to Host Home Tour This Weekend

We've always been fans of the Anaheim Historical Society, and not just because they keep inviting us to their meetings to hear heresies of our past. Unlike other local historians, they're fully accepting of Anaheim's racist past--moved on, glad it's gone, now can we just grill some 'cue and tortillas? Wow! Actual adults!

Anyhoo, they're hosting their big fundraiser for the year this weekend: a historical home tour.

The details are here, but as someone who has seen the group host them in the past, I can tell you it's a worthwhile event for a worthwhile. Come on: if Huell Howser approves, why shouldn't you?

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No doubt the AHA displays the correct degree of grovelling when confronted by an angry ethno-activist.

But seriously '*grill* some 'cue'? That's worse than calling mushy Longaniza sandwiches  'Catalan'.

BTW, Calvito, if you want to learn about actual Spanish food, try to catch the rerun of this weeks 24 hour restaurant battle of Foodnetwork.


Proof of your insanity: Barcelona on the Go labeled their sandwich Catalan, not I. But not like reality ever swayed you from your racialist, homophobic views!

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