American Express Pulls Plug on Marijuana Purchases

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If you're in the habit of using your American Express card to purchase marijuana from your local dispensary, you might want to break out that Visa or remember to bring some cash in your pocket. That's because, according to an email that began circling among dispensaries and medical marijuana activists yesterday, American Express is no longer going to permit cannabis clubs to process marijuana transactions using the card.

This news first surfaced on the website LASnark, but was rapidly picked up by medical marijuana discussion boards. The LASnark post, in turn, credits the information to the following Twitter account: @rockisagirlsbff.

Here's the rest of the alert:

Please be advised that American Express will no longer allow transactions to be processed at Medical Marijuana dispensaries.

This is a policy change made by American Express, nationwide.

Although we have absolutely no control over this matter, we apologize for the inconvenience.

We are all still able to process transactions with Master Card, Discover Card and Visa.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Be Well,

The Farmacy Staff

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Lets boycott AmEx. Yeah, leave home without it.


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I guess it's ok to leave home without it.


the guy at the corner only takes cash anyways.


Nooooooooooooo...*checks wallet, sees Visa card*...nevermind.


yeh, how conveient, but we can buy alcohol, and any other drug with amx. we should sue them for discrimination. the law says it is legal for paitents to buy from their collectives?? i see a law suite comeing.

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