Comes to the Rescue of Taxes Today

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Taxes must be suffering from battered women's syndrome about now. We're all like, "Aw come on, baby. You know I loves ya," Then--BAM!--corporations and rich people rap taxes upside the head, saying they ain't returning to Clinton-era levels. Then we get all lovey-dovey again and--WHAM!--House Republicans are rejecting any attempt to raise taxes amid our shaky economy . . . to save our shaky economy. And we all ride public roads, eat inspected meat and send our men and women into harm's way and then cheat on taxes--on her birthday, Tax Day, no less.


Coming to taxes' rescue in Irvine today will be members of At 4:30 p.m., they will gather at the Bank of America branch at 18622 MacArthur Blvd., Irvine, and, dressed as IRS agents, present a giant tax bill to the branch manager (who will be expected to pass it along to corporate overlords).

The stunt is part of a nationwide Tax Day campaign called "Make Them Pay" which is targeting the so-called "Deadbeat Dozen": GE, Bank of America, Google, BP, Amazon, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Boeing, ExxonMobil, FedEx, Goldman Sachs and Chase--wealthy corporations that are doing everything in their power to avoid paying taxes in America.

"During these difficult economic times, when all Americans are being asked to sacrifice, it is simply wrong that Bank of America is shirking their American duty to pay their taxes," Ron Varesteh, Move On Irvine's council coordinator, explains in an email. "We are protesting on Tax Day because corporate tax dodgers have a responsibility to our community and our nation to pay their fair share. We pay our taxes. Bank of America should, too."

Bank of America made $60,360,000,000 in profit for 2010, according to Move On.

The total B of A paid in taxes on that profit: $0.

Borrowing a page from the Michael Moore playbook, yellow police tape will be put up around the B of A branch to indicate it is a crime scene (ala the film Capitalism, a Love Story).

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Yes. The last time the republicans balanced the budger as during the Eisenhower administration. The rich and the coporations and wall street thieves can afford it.Their earings are largely in dividends and tax loopholes any way.But you would think the the repulicans could do better.d the budget. The Democratsbalanced the budget under Clinton and Bush spentthe surplus and left this country with the highest debt ever. Tax and spend Republicans. 'Thanks Frank'


The rich should consider themselves fortunate enough to volunteer their tax bill as it was before Bush.We need to balance the budget, therfore,We Dems will then reccomend (and not back down) to a tax hike for the richest among us to return to the old 90% bracket. No deals, no compromise, no Chamber of Commerce to fill your dishonest pockets. You will see a backlash you never expected and learn what NO really means in 2012. Perssonally I can,t wait.


Bert Nurney, let me guess, you're either a B of A "overlord" or an investor? If so, maybe we should soak you for the tax bill instead. Don't like it? Switch to Bank of Obama and take what scraps they'll give you if you can.It's about time someone started standing up to these blood-sucking leaches to give back some of what they're ripping off from the American people.

Bert Nurney
Bert Nurney

Commies with time on their hands...priceless

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