Cal State Fullerton's Annual Social Justice Summit Tomorrow

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The best-kept progressive secret in Orange County is Cal State Fullerton's annual Social Justice Summit, an all-day gathering of sessions, activists, movements, hippies, anarchists, Aztlanistas, non-H8ers and everyone from the left to the left.

"The Social Justice Summit provides a forum for people to exchange ideas about improving the state of our communities, offers space to dialogue about the obstacles to creating effective change, provides effective tools for social action, and offers tangible grassroots solutions," reads the action statement on their web site.

Ah, college activists.

Some of the local-minded workshops (including a session taught by yours truly, who's a lecturer at Cal State Fullerton) after the jump!

Actually, I'm not sure who's running some of the workshops, as their web site doesn't clarify. But there's one titled "From Wisconsin to Costa Mesa: The Fight Over Labor in America," which will surely detail that city's insanity. There will also be a panel on the DREAM Act and something called "Becoming the Media: Killing Biased, Boring News Dinosaurs"--wait, that's my lecture on motivating people to start blogs. All the panels happen at the Titan Student Union and are free. Starts at 9 a.m. and ends in the afternoon. See you there.

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Did anyone actually show up for this social garbage?


Bolivian President Evo Morales vowed in a speech to U.N. delegates that a global movement had begun to lay “out a Declaration on the Rights of Mother Earth.”

Morales, who repeatedly says “the central enemy of Mother Earth is capitalism,” called for creating a charter that defends the right to life for all living things. Morales, who was named World Hero of Mother Earth by the General Assembly, has since made great strides in his campaign.

.. “the central enemy of Mother Earth is capitalism,” — If you had any doubt about the goals of “social justice” and “enviro radicalism” — the UN is going to actually vote on this garbage..


When I was a student at CSUF, had as a classmate a young black woman who constantly harangued white people; white people did this to us (we know the formula). It was end of finals week, late afternoon and I and this woman exited the classroom at the same time. A young white woman with cerebral palsy in an electric wheelchair stopped in front of this black woman. Incredulously, I saw the black woman walk over to the disabled woman and dig her nails into the back of the white woman's hand. The black woman heard me gasp. She turned around her eyes wide in fear that she had been seen rendering social justice.


“Social Justice” is crap – it can mean whatever you want it to mean.

Equal justice under the law is the American standard – this isn’t Europe (yet).


High wages is impossible with mass immigration, legal or illegal. These idiots are working at cross purposes. But of course that isn't what it's about -- it's about being either helping your own ethnic group or being anti-white (or both).

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