Octomom Nadya Suleman Appears on Ethics List of People Who Should Not Be Parents

Futurist/transhumanist writer Hank Pellissier has lectured at the H+ Summit in Harvard, been dubbed "San Francisco's performance art bad boy," and written books and columns for the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle and Salon.com. In his latest piece for the Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies, where he is an associate scholar, he suggests would-be parents get licensed to reproduce.

To back up that plea, Pellissier compiled a list of "deplorable situations caused by flawed individuals who should not be allowed to impregnate, gestate, reproduce, and parent because they're mentally, physically, emotionally, or genetically unsuitable for the ambitious task." Labeled are teen moms, alcoholics, child beaters . . . and a certain La Habra single mother of 14.

Can you guess who? (Your first two guesses don't count.)

Enough Is Enough
Nadya Suleman--the "Octo-Mom" welfare recipient and single mother who added to her original brood of six children by simultaneously producing eight more--is obviously the poster icon in this category. Even the most libertarian, keep-the-government-out-of-my-family demagogues were irate with Suleman's decision to bump up to 14 kids, because she's incapable of handling even a fraction of that amount. Parents who demonstrate inadequacy with the present total of children in their nest should be prevented from causing additional chaos. Isn't it sensible to require citizenry to limit their progeny to manageable sums? What's the maximum? Two? Three? Four? Variable, in my opinion. Depending on parents' ability to provide love and basic needs.

If Pellissier thinks Suleman required a license before dropping kids like they came out of a spigot, he surely must be in favor of un-licensing Michael Kamrava, the doctor who pumped dozens of embryos into Octomom. (We're still awaiting a ruling from the state medical board, which could do just that.)

Kamrava has abandoned his Beverly Hills offices without paying off his lease and is now being sued by his landlord, TMZ reports.

According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Kamrava "vacated and abandoned" his office on March 15, 2011 ... without paying off the remaining 6 years left on his lease.

The landlord claims Kamrava agreed to pay at least $6,231 per month until December 2017, subject to certain increases -- and therefore feels the doc is on the hook for more than $894,192.65.
When it comes to landlords, like patient, like doctor, apparently.

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Enough already! Exactly what level of intelligence, amount of effort, or true contribution to the discussion does it take to continuously beat the same dead horse over and over again? Hank Pellissier is merely riding the bandwagon to get his name in the spotlight. How about he actually do something NEW that takes some real EFFORT on his part? Any idiot can jump on the Nadya Suleman flogging bandwagon and receive umpteen support for doing so. Suleman is the popular target of the day. Exactly what level of talent does it take to attack her for the umpteenth time?

We all know what she did. We all have formed our opinions of what she did. We've all taken our whacks at her. If people are truly that terribly concerned about the wellbeing of children, then stop flapping your jaws about the same ol' tired topic and actually DO something about it. Get an education and become a social worker who actively WORKS to help children in need! Spend time volunteering in organizations that help the children. Fight in Congress to ensure the educational and medical needs of these children are met. Do these things because you actually CARE. But stop just attacking a weak target just because she's an easy target to attack. We got it already. We don't need to be told a zillion times to catch on.

The question is what kind of person continues to attack a target after it's been hit so many times? At this late date, these attacks says far more about the person making the attack than about the target they're attacking.


Is that picture of one of the 28 LIVE embryos--- i. e babies-- that DIED, killed by their own mother and her doctor during a series of implantations of way, way too many embryos into a far too-crowded womb?

This monster is not a failed celebrity. She is a still unjailed murderess and deliberate maimer of her own children. As you read this, her victims are imprisoned in tiny crib-cages while the criminal who did this to them is free to go around squandering the last of the money given by the public to support these parentless 14 children.When is Matt going to stop relegating her to freak and focus on her being LaHabra's worst criminal? The woman who has hurt more of her own children -- at total of 41--than any mother in history. And is still hurting her kids while we watch.


This study nails it about "her". Thanks for telling it like it is!


Finally, there is hope for the babies. Recent videos were heart wrenching. I think all the babies were sentenced to juvenile hell.

They are all enrolled in preschool now. Hopefully they will catch up with this early intervention.


Sounds like ol'Toxo is gonna crack any day now.


You are actually saying there is a limitation to the number of times readers can point out that two criminals are walking around unpunished while ther victims continue to be at their mercy? Seriously?

So you think that anyone who has enough sense to keep pointing that out has to go and get degrees and pass laws in Congress and whatever because they have an opinion and publicly state it to your personal dissatisfaction?So just who is it that is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to read these opinions anyway? Maybe you could explain why you need to go about censoring yet another board and inflicting on us all that you think is allowable to post. Again..

One could just as easily say that people who take your point of view do it to divert attention away from the criminal.So what exactly does it say about anybody that they continue to remind people of injustice? That they don't forget, or what?

Nadya Suleman is not a reality show target who has lost the Miss Popularity contest and been voted off some island. She is really responsible for ruining the real lives of at least 17 people. And then stealing the only real assets available for their futures. And that really includes her sick and elderly parents, buy the way.Are you saying we should wait, what, five years or so, and then give her a medal for doing that because killing and maiming your offspring for a chance at celebrity has a statute of limitations somehow determined by you?

Just because you see her as a weak target doesn't mean anyone else sees her that way. I see her as an indictment of a system that punishes the victims rather than the perpetrators. And that is only possible by media trivialization of the crime and turning the heat down on the perpetrators.And perhaps your very own grudge against certain posters might be getting in the way just a bit, hm? Too bad you can't carry out another poisonous PM campaign here, too.


Exactly how is there "hope for the babies"? They are still under Natalie Doud's roof.

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