Man Arrested for Stealing More Than 200 Gallons of Diesel Fuel in Huntington Beach

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One inevitable result of today's soaring prices at the pump--more gas thieves on the loose!

Huntington Beach police arrested 49-year-old Gregory Lamar Bell on Saturday for stealing more than 200 gallons of diesel fuel from construction vehicles parked on a closed construction site at Edinger Avenue and Newland Street.   

The police department got a call at about 4:35 p.m. reporting that someone had possibly stolen fuel. Officers decided to set up surveillance at the site, and at about 5:30 p.m., the suspect returned for more.

The officers watched Bell, a Cerritos resident, pump diesel fuel out of the construction vehicles and into storage containers in his black Ford F350 pickup truck. As they approached him, he attempted to drive away, but the exits were blocked. He was arrested for grand theft and resisting arrest.  
The investigation is ongoing due to prior thefts of diesel fuel from the same location, according to a press release from the HBPD. 

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First, this Bell guy is an IDIOT for stealing disel from construction vehicles, let alone, RETURN to the crime scene. Second, the amount stolen would actually be around $100, assuming diesel fuel costs are $5 per gallon, which isn't "$200-500" as John Jason Chun said. Grand theft is stolen goods exceeding $950 for non-food material. Get your facts straight!


certainly the guy seems to be a thief but it is such a small event it would hardly seemto warrant the ink or bandwidth to write about.

Surely there must be more important news.


I work for the company and he steals 600 gallons from my heavy equipment per incident; he got caught with that amount. It is during non-working hours and makes 3 trips twice a week since January. We block entrances with cranes, excavators, loaders, dump/water trucks, and backhoes; he moved/operated everyone out of his way. Diesel fuel at the PUMP will run you $4.50+, however we hire a fuel truck to fill up onsite. Once it's all said and done you're looking at $6.50 per gallon. To get to the point the company has had to absorb approximately $50k. In this economy, in any economy, that is worth reporting. Also. Last time I checked $5.00 times 200 gallons equals $1k.


Umm 200 Gallons @ just $4.009 a gallon is $801.80 Diesel tends to be more expensive than Gasoline, Hopefully it was Diesel with Red Dye, it is used in Diesel that is for off road use, (in other words no highway taxes paid on it) if the CHP finds it or traces of it in your truck, say hello big fines! and they DO check.

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