5 Examples That Prove When the Going Gets Bizarre, the Bizarre Go to John Wayne Airport

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Recent reports of near-misses in the skies near John Wayne Airport are bad enough.

But Orange County's commercial airport seems to have shifted from the scary to the bizarre over the past week.

Check out the rundown of five recent examples of weirdness involving planes arriving at or leaving from JWA, after the jump . . .

1) A flight bound for Orange County returned to the gate before takeoff from Denver April 21. Authorities then came aboard and removed three passengers--and later all passengers--before searching the plane. What raised the alarm bells? One of the removed passengers complained that the other couple snapped photos, which is perfectly legal. All the passengers had to take a different flight to LAX before being shuttled to SNA.

2) White dust appeared in the back lavatory of an Alaska Airlines flight soon after it took off from Seattle on April 22. Cops, fire crews and Hazmat crews surrounded the plane upon landing at John Wayne shortly after 4 p.m. The aircraft's 151 passengers and six crew members deplaned, and authorities climbed on board to examine the dust . . . which turned out to be a "cellulose paper material" (a.k.a. toilet paper).

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john wayne airport parking
john wayne airport parking

This is all very bizarre - good choice of a title! Though I must say I would rather they take the precautions than not!


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Lindsay Lohan, the most powerful woman in America was nowhere near here. so the release of "The Birth Certificate/record of live birth(but we still hate him because he's black)" document has obviously sent shock waves across Orange County and has affected even JWA. That has to be the explanation. Yes people in the OC are that stupid, but it still has to be Obama's fault.


Oh and it has been revealed that Donald Trumps Mother was born in Scotland as a Scottish citizen which under the new Birther regulations he is not eligible to be POTUS. So his experience in filing Bankruptcy will not be used to save the USA!

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