Help Feed Dana Rohrabacher's Family Today

Dana: Fighting for his own free lunch and having fun!
In the last 32 days of 2010, Dana Rohrabacher's congressional campaign committee raised $3,400 and his wife, Rhonda, took $5,387 from it for the family under the theory that she is her husband's campaign manager, according to the Federal Election Commission.

I'm not knocking Rhonda for converting federal campaign contributions directly into personal income even though taxpayers already give them $174,000 in annual base salary plus incredibly generous perks.

If you ask me, she deserves much more just for living with the creepy congressman, who first campaigned for public office in 1988 by backing the righteousness of congressional term limits of no more than three two-year stints in Washington, D.C.

Decades later, Rohrabacher won't likely mention term limits when he hosts a "fun-raiser" this afternoon in hopes of grabbing his 25th and 26th years in the House of Representatives.

To help draw a crowd, the Costa Mesa Republican invited perpetually angry blogger Andrew Breitbart, a board member of GOProud, a new gay political group for conservatives.

Dana, does your homophobic pal Rev. Lou Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition know about this?

In the invitation to the event, the congressman describes Breitbart, who does not believe in God, as a "patriot blogger hero."

Wherefore art thou, Lou?

Though the price of admission to the 3 p.m. event at Skosh Monahan's Irish Pub is a $250 campaign contribution for a couple or $150 for an individual, feel free to stuff cash into Rohrabacher's pocket. Why not? It's going to end up there anyway.

The congressman skipped Vietnam War duty but nowadays--long after he'd have to serve in the military--hails himself as a "patriot" who is "fighting for freedom and having fun!"

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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Is Dana finally stepping outside the closet?


One time I read He lives in Rancho Palos Verdes so he was the RPV Congressman, then he was the Surfing congressman from Huntington Beach, Now we see he is part of the scheme to crush Costa Mesa Workers. and a Patriot Draft Dodger. "Please Mr Draft Board, My Hip was injured playing football, Don't make me get killed in Vietnam I have x-rays with me". But idiots continue to be blinded? or perhaps no viable progressive candidates?


too many con artists in government. We are doomed.


maybe his taliban friends can front him some green?nice to know thou he has fully paid for by the taxpayer socialistic government healthcare


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Not to mention that the event was originally billed as a fundraiser for 'Stand with Jim" in Righeimers attacks against Costa Mesa workers while dismantling the city to further his political carrer, while lining his supporters pockets.Funny this story broke on the same day Skosh gets questioned about his shady business dealings with his restaurant partners....

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