Diocese of Orange Inadvertantly Uses Child-Porn Internet Meme "Pedobear" for Children's Ministry Logo

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The Diocese of Orange has done many stupid things over the years under the reign of Bishop Tod D. Brown--let's see...there was the half-million-dollar Covenant with the Faithful, the new mansion bought while closing down schools in Latino-heavy parishes, the construction of a new cathedral up the street from South Coast Plaza--but His Excellency outdid himself last week with the use of a pedophilic bear.

Sources tell the Weekly that Brown has approved the use of an illustration to promote the Orange diocese's children ministry services: a bear wearing a miter and carrying a crosier. The only problem? Whomever created the logo used as an image a notorious Internet meme known as Pedobear used by Internet nerds to accuse people of child pornography.
The Orange diocese's new children's ministry mascot
You can read more about the twisted history of Pedobear here.

The Orange diocese wouldn't have been the first mainstream source fooled by the use of Pedobear--other fall guys include San Luis Obispo Sheriff's Department and lunatic commentator Pat Buchanan. It's not known whether Bishop Brown knows of Pedobear's notorioety, whether this is a HILARIOUS prank perpetrated by one of the many insiders who despise his reign, or whether he personally picked the bear. Regardless, it's a fitting mascot for the pedophile-protecting ways of the Orange diocese. Heckuva job, Brownie!

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