Carole Rudat, Seeing Political Conspiracy in Dognapping, Offers Up to $100,000 in Rewards

Carole Rudat really wants her Romeo back, offering the following rewards for the chocolate brown and white chihuahua who has been missing from her Newport Beach backyard since August 2010:

"$10,000 for the information leading to the arrest of each person involved or with knowledge of the kidnapping of Romeo, whom 'YOU' TURN IN. $25,000 for the conviction of any one person involved or with knowledge of the kidnapping of Romeo, AND GOES TO PRISON whom 'YOU' TURN IN. $100,000 for the conviction of any one elected official involved or with knowledge of the kidnapping of Romeo, AND GOES To Prison whom 'YOU' TURN IN."

See, Rudat does not believe Romeo slipped out of the yard on her own, or even that she was taken by a stranger who wanted the four-year-old "Deer-type" chihuahua for a pet.

She is convinced political foes pilfered the pooch.

"I've been told by a professional detective that this is often done to send a message to back off what your doing," Rudat tells CBS Los Angeles. "It's done in business and it's done in politics."

She goes on to explain that Romeo went missing days before she filed papers to run in the 2010 Orange City Council election (so, presumably, Rudat has a house in that town as well). She believes Romeo was taken by foes of her council run.

Orange police tell the TV station they took a report from Rudat in August 2010, but that no evidence surfaced that Romeo was dognapped. Which can mean only one thing: the conspiracy to silence Rudat has spread from City Hall to the PD!


Rudat created in attempt to get her dog back. From that site, the Navel Gazing I-Team has gleaned these additional details about the canine:

  • He is 17 inches long with a thin build;
  • He weighs about 9.7 lbs.;
  • He resembles a mini doberman or Italian greyhound;
  • His ears flop;
  • He is a chocolate brown all over except for the white on his chest, neck (all the way around is a wide band of white), paws and partially up his legs, a triangle on his snout above his nose, and a small mark on his forehead;
  • He is not good with small children because they scare him;
  • Ditto for men;
  • He loves to play with his brother Napoleon, who Rudat notes has been "despondent since Romeo disappeared."

Actually, the dognappers may have discovered how high maintenance the canine is.

"Romeo needs veterinary medical treatment every three or so months," Rudat writes on her site. "He DOES NEED to have his anal glands cleaned by a vet every couple of months or they will erupted and a hole/wound will occur in his buttocks area, it is very painful!"

To read as well, my dear.

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