California Considers Banning Teens From Tanning Beds

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Teens who want that dark, leathery glow may soon have to get it the old-fashioned way--with a bottle of Crisco and aluminum foil. 

Twelve states have bills pending that would put age restrictions on commercial tanning salons, reports The Huffington Post. California is among them. Texas has already banned tanning beds for those under 16-and-a-half-years old.   

Despite studies linking tanning bed use to an increased risk of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, more than one million Americans frequent tanning salons each day. With beach season lurking ahead, it's prime time for the UVA hotbeds.   

The Indoor Tanning Association believes that parents should decide whether their teens will fake bake, releasing the statement, "If such a law were to pass, a 17-year-old could drive a car, get married, have children, go off to college, join the military and not be allowed to suntan indoors."

Do we really need the ban? Can't we just show kids photos of Jersey Shore cast? 

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i believe the ban shouldnt happen. tanning salons that i have frequented such as unique tan ( have invigorated my skin. i only see benefits of tanning when such effects occur.


Are there any teens left in OC who need to use artificial tanning?

Goran "TheTanningGuru"
Goran "TheTanningGuru"

If everything that is basically healthy and even necessary for human health should be forbidden IF TAKEN IN EXCESS, everything should be forbidden. People, in all ages, need water, food, air and sunshine (UVB for Vitamin D) in order to thrive. Too much, and the wrong kind of, food is probably a much larger problem for teenagers than too much tanning.So why is tanning getting so much attention? Because sunlight has no commercial backers. Only the small indoor tanning industry remains speaking up for the health aspects of tanning.Of course they have to be silenced by the main forces behind the campaign against sunshine.Find out how the sun-protection lotion industry thrives on the fear for sunlight they have created.Go to and get the true facts about 30 years of sun-scare.


#1, Jersey Shore cast members are tan, big whoop. Why did you have to show a photo of them during foreplay of an orgy? If the tan doesn't sell, sex will?

#2, The parents of today's teens are of a generation that believed you have to burn before you can tan. Place RESTRICTIONS on the beds, with a computer chip that coincides with the tanner...and overexposure is virturally elminated. When I had my salon, irrate parents demanded I allow their kid to tan longer because after their first or second exposure, they weren't tanning yet. Well duh...even if you tan easilly, it takes more than one tanning session to get tan. idiots.

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