Ajit, Nisha and Runjhun Bhargava, Yorba Linda Family, Busted for Allegedly Arranging Sham Marriages

A Yorba Linda family was scheduled to be arraigned in federal court in Santa Ana Wednesday on charges of arranging sham marriages so more than 20 foreigners could stay in the country legally.

Ajit Bhargava, his 56-year-old wife Nisha Bhargava and their daughter Runjhun Bhargava, 30, are facing charges of conspiracy to commit visa fraud, according to federal prosecutors who say most of the marriages involved people from India.

Smile for the green card.
The Bhargavas ran a Cerritos immigration services agency called MPEagle Consultants that charged up to $60,000 to arrange bogus marriages for foreigners who came to the country on visas, the feds allege.

The same witnesses--and often the same U.S. citizen spouse--appeared on multiple green card applications from couples who worked with MPEagle, according to government prosecutors who were forwarded 21 similar-looking cases from Immigration and Customs Enforcement investigators.

As in the movie Green Card, many fake couples are said to have posed for photographs in different locations wearing different outfits to make it appear they had relationships.


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It has to be mentioned that below U.S.. law on immigration, a resident of a different nation who marries a American citizen outside the U.S. must request for the US Spouse visa in the country where the matrimony was held. .


Funny how the gov't is wasting it's time prosecuting people who have been involved arranging 20 sham marriages when there are 100s of Mexicans coming over the boarder illegally everyday.


the mexicans coming illegaly is ok because they have no records but this m''fkr is destroying the legal record of overstayed educated people by giving wrong info about our immigration system. he is not even filling his pocket also destroying life of people


You do n't know how big scam he was doing. It is very important keep him behind the bars.


that is the problem in the system authorities took so long almost 2 year to inquire and collecting evidence by the time he screwed many, when he came out of bars he will screw many others, he should better die behind in bars

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