8 Intriguing Surf/Snow/Skate Flicks at the Newport Beach Film Festival

It's hard to say on what "list" (A, B, C or D, etc.) Stoked & Broke director Cyrus Sutton would appear. He's a stellar surfer, a blogging savant and an up-and-coming filmmaker, but chances are if he sauntered down the red carpet at the Newport Beach Film Festival gala with Alana Blanchard on his right arm, Alana would get second looks, and Sutton would just get envious and quizzical stares. 

A large percentage of the action sports world knows Sutton. But the entertainment industry does not. Which is fine. That's why Sutton and directors with similar action sports interests and projects are pleased to have their own separate festival distinction altogether: NBFF's Action Sports Film Series. Some of us in the Weekly office don't care to know about or see any of the films that the movie critics pick, but we do have eight action sports films and documentaries that will have us elbowing for the best seat possible in the coming days. 

All but one (Splinters, May 4, at Lido Theatre) of the screenings for the Action Sports Film Series will take place at Triangle Squares. Check the full screening schedule HERE.

1. At Equilibrium 

Directed by Rene Eckert - Saturday, April 30th at 11 a.m.

Snowboarding in Bulgaria. The sport got a late-start in the Eastern Europe country, but its cultural significance managed to evolve beyond some counter-culture activity, as it's perceived by many North American simpletons.

2. The Baja Wave Document

Directed by Chris Figler - Saturday, April 28 at 11 a.m.

Wave-rich Baja California has been under attack by groups that want to remake large chunks of the coastline into harbors and other mega-developments. An alliance of surfers, fisherman and environmentalists have been working to prevent such projects from going through.

3. Castles in the Sky
Directed by Taylor Steele - Sunday, May 1, 2:15 p.m.
From the director of two of the most generationally signifiant surf flicks in recent memory, Momentum and Modern Collective, is yet another attempt to pioneer new surfing frontiers. This time, Taylor Steele took Dane Reynolds, Kelly Slater, Rob Machado and a host of other top surf talents to Vietnam, India, Africa and Iceland.

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