USS Dubuque Ordered Out of Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station in Anticipation of Tsunami

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USS Dubuque
CNN just reported that the military just ordered the USS Dubuque out of the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station in anticipation of tsunami wave currently heading to Orange County as a result of the devastating 8.9 earthquake that hit Japan yesterday.

It's an amphibious transfer dock that just took part in military exercises at Camp Pendleton The precautionary measure was done due to Seal Beach's near-sea-level elevation. Waves are expected to hit Orange County around 7:15 this morning. Be safe. . . .

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My son is on the Dubuque as a Quartermaster, and we recently had the chance to go on a day cruise on this awesome ship. The crew is amazing and are totaly professional, make me so proud that my son is part of such a wonderful team!!! GO DUBUQUE!!!

Nelwyn A Pickett
Nelwyn A Pickett

My son is out there somewhere and my prayers are out there with all the personal on bord of the Dahl Navy ship. I wish that I could talk to him to know he is alright. It is a mothers fear to know that there child is in are could be in some kind of danger. If anyone hears of any newsa of the Dahl Navy ship please send me an email at May God Bless all whom was involved.

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