Richard Brian Tuthill, Alleged Pier Performer Extortionist, Wins Ugly Police Mugshot of Week

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To be honest, we had about five other police mugshots we were hemming and hawing over this week, unsure which one to deem this week's ugliest.

Then we went to the Huntington Beach Police Department Facebook page to look up some details about one of the criminals and feasted our stink eyes on Richard Brian Tuthill.

Ladies and germs, we have a winner!

Courtesy of HBPD
The afternoon of Feb. 11, a downtown street performer at Pier Plaza was approached by a man who demanded "protection money," threatening to stab the artist if he did not comply.

The performer handed over a $5 bill and, after the guy finally left him alone, called Huntington Beach police.

Based on the description of the robber, detectives obtained a warrant for the arrest of Tuthill. The 43-year-old was popped at his La Palma home on March 16 and booked into the HBPD jail.

Anyone else who may have been threatened or extorted from is asked to contact Detective Mike Reilly at (714) 536-5940.

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how do you get to look at mugshots? Is this available to the public?

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