OC Deputy Accuses His Union of Colluding With Management to Rig Promotions

More OCSD cheating?
A veteran Orange County Sheriff's Department (OCSD) deputy--the brother of a California state assemblyman from Costa Mesa--is suing his department and employees' union for deceitful conduct and working in "collusion" to sabotage fair promotion practices.

In his March 16 complaint against the OCSD and the Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs (AOCDS), Erik Mansoor claims officials failed to promote custody-operations division deputies based on seniority from a "promotion list," in effect violating a 2008 settlement between the union and sheriff's department management.

"OCSD has utterly failed to adhere to its material promises in the agreement by, among other things, failing and refusing to promote and transfer to the custody operations division . . . [qualified deputies] including [me], according to the order on the promotion list," Mansoor alleges in his suit.

He said that department officials have used a "specious allegation" to thwart compliance: There have been no empty positions available for promotion.

Yet, according to Mansoor, the department skipped over more senior deputies and gave empty slots to less experienced officers. He says this practice should have been genuinely opposed by union officials, but it was not. In fact, AOCDS management was, he says, "actively complicit in the wrongdoing."

Neither Sheriff Sandra Hutchens' department nor AOCDS have filed responses to the lawsuit.

Lake Forest attorney Andrea S. Loveless, who represents Mansoor and 10 other deputies in the same plight, said, "They have a really good case. It's a shame what the department did to them."

Mansoor seeks a jury trial and damages--including retirement credits--for the "lost wages" and "great and severe mental and emotional distress" he claims he has suffered.

Mansoor's brother Allan Mansoor is a former jail deputy himself and Republican mayor of Costa Mesa. He now serves as a freshman in the state Assembly.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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Not the place to air out your opinions about your fellow deputies if you truly are one. I too worked for Gates and we didn't used to do business like this!

Mr. T-Party
Mr. T-Party

Mansoor like every other deputy in the jail can promote to deputy II by simply requesting a transfer to the patrol division. With his seniority Mansoor has ample opportunity to move to the front of the line and take his promotion without delay. It appears what he is trying to do is to promote in pay and title for doing exactly the same thing that he has been doing as a deputy I. I hope the department and county stand tall and reveal this guy for what he is, the stereotypical government employee who acts like he's entitled to a living for doing the least he has to do to get ahead. His brother must be proud.

Brad Gates was my Sheriff
Brad Gates was my Sheriff

So he's a Deputy I who wants to promote to Deputy II? But he wants to stay in the jail as a Deputy II rather than transfer to patrol? They found 9 or 10 other jailers who want to do the same? C'mon guys. When you hired on did you want to be a cop or did you want to be a career jailer? Don't be scared. I understand that staying in the jail, doing to same duties you have already mastered is comfortable. I understand that patrol is a pay cut because you lose night shift differential. But you should go to patrol and give it a try. You might enjoy it. You might excel at it. But if you never even try you are selling yourself short.

The Pot Stirrer
The Pot Stirrer

Let me get this right. Erik Mansoor is fighting for his rightful place at the public trough and his brother, the "freshman" assemblyman, is crusading to have that trough emptied - right? Must make for some very interesting family dinners...


As a Deputy I you can't put in for patrol. All the Deputy II's before had two times a year when they could put in. Now they can put in at any time. As a Dep. I you can't put in for squat. If those I's where promoted to II's they could put in for patrol at the time of their choosing like all the II's before them. Always remember where you came from!

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