[UPDATED] Caretaker Norma Ruth and Leno Casini's Daughter Anastasia Darlena Mendezkestler Joins Parents in Facing Charges Tied to Thefts from Elderly

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UPDATE, MARCH 4, 6:01 P.M.: Are the Casinis a family of gypsies--the thieving kind Borat warned us about?

Because now the daughter of alleged sticky-fingered caretaker to the elderly Norma Casini and her husband the accused fence Leno Casini is up on charges related to the caper.

Anastasia Darlena Mendezkestler, 22, of Laguna Niguel, was arrested today on suspicion of stealing money from elderly victims to pay for her divorce, new tires and other goods.

Since much of the Orange County District Attorney's Office statement on Mendezkestler's Monday arraignment repeats the case against her mother and father, we'll just key in on the parts that concern the daughter:

  • Between June 2010 and January 2011, Mendezkestler is accused of receiving stolen money from Norma Casini and depositing the money in her personal bank accounts. She is accused of using the stolen money to pay for her divorce, medical insurance, dental work, pets, toys, furniture and electronics.

  • On July 9, 2010, Mendezkestler is accused of being in possession of one female victim's credit cards and using it to purchase tires for her car at Tucker Tire in Laguna Niguel.

  • On July 31, 2010, she is accused of using the same card to purchase a high-end Nikon camera at OC Camera in Mission Viejo.

After her arrest by Orange County sheriff's detectives today, she was charged by the OCDA with two felony counts each of accessory after the fact and receiving stolen property, second degree commercial burglary, fraudulently using an access card, and sentencing enhancements for loss over $100,000, property loss over $200,000, and white collar crime over $500,000. Mendezkestler could get up to 12 years in state prison if convicted of all that.

Anyone know if the ladies pen has a gypsy section?

UPDATE, FEB. 22, 5:33 P.M.: Prosecutors today charged Leno Casini in the caregiver theft case that has already led to charges against the 56-year-old Laguna Niguel resident's wife.

The husband is now charged with two felony counts each of accessory after the fact and receiving stolen property and one felony count of second degree burglary.

The administrative assistant with the Los Angeles public defender's office could get up to 12 years in state prison if convicted.

Courtesy of Orange County District Attorney's Office
Leno Casini may soon rub elbows with some of his former clients in the pen.
The Orange County district attorney's office also filed additional charges against Norma Ruth Casini now that new victims have come forward as a result of media coverage of the couple's arrests, which has included photos of the stolen loot. She is now charged with 34 felony counts of fraudulently using an access card, 24 felony counts of forgery, two felony counts of caretaker theft from an elder, one felony count of residential burglary of an occupied home, and sentencing enhancements for loss of more than $100,000, property loss of more than $200,000, white-collar crime of more than $500,000, and having a non-accomplice present.

If convicted of all counts, she could spend 49 years and eight months in prison.

The couple remain in custody on $610,000 bail, which they can only make if they can prove the money came from a legal and legitimate source. They are scheduled to attend a pretrial hearing in Newport Beach on March 15.

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Wow that's crazy thats my brother inlaws uncle and aunt.


I have known both husband and wife since 1983 while stationed at Twenty-Nine Palms CA. She worked in Public Affairs office as a reporter and he worked in the Communications Office. We lost contact with each other. Norma was very aloof back then and was always playing the role of victim. Her then husband Sgt Smart, not a friend of mine, but someone I did understand said watch out and back away from her. Well moving forward twenty years or so, she reaches out again to me via facebook. She is now so OVER THE TOP religious and holy, so I tell her to back down off her horse and we can be friends. She calls me a racist and Natzi. She really has some screws loose. I hope and pray that she finds her disconnect and get put back on the right road. It might happen in prision, but at least what was once done in the dark, can now come forward into the light. You truly reap what you sow Norman Jean Smart Cassini Ruth! Leo I hope and pray that you will finally open your eyes and see what are you really married to. It has been one long complicated road for you both.


This is just horrible. I would like to know how long has this been going on, how many people have they done this too. Apparently they lived in Joshua tree California and moved 2 1/2 hrs away, I want to know why, did something go on there that they had to leave there, I don't exactly think it was because it was to expensive to live there when they moved somewhere it would be much higher. They claim their innocence in this, but everything points other wise. I would like to know how long this has gone on without anyone noticing until now.


Under all the circumstances of fraud and what was going on which is indeed very sad. What i would like to know is where did the lady bank? Why didnt the bank catch onto this? As far as i am concerned this ladies bank cost her over 600k. The bank should have known that there was irregular activity going on in her account. Most seniors do not use the ATM machine frequently. They use checks and pay for most things in cash or credit cards that they pay off in full every month. This bank should have known.


This is just insane! SICK people ! they deserve everything they get!!!!!!!!


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Whoa -- the oh so 'anti-racist' Weakly indulging in racial stereotypes?

First, 'Gypsy' is now frowned upon -- its kind of like saying Negro. Try Roma.Second, its a stereotype that gypsies engage in thievery and theft. Not saying that it may not be based in truth, but its a stereotype. And since other stereotypes just as based in truth are decried as 'racist' here, then this post should be.

Finally, I've read that the Roma lost more of their population proportionally during the period of 1933-1945 than anyone else, including the Jews. So its not like this racial insult you hurl at them don't have consequences.


She is not well. i have known her for years and she had preached at me saying i was paving my way to hell. she claims religion but was the first to be hateful. I think her reality is a sick distorted one. she has always seen faults in everyone but herself. And will talk and make you feel like you are the one who did wrong. She is good at getting into peoples heads, (and wallets. ) Leno will always do what Norma does. He is her shadow. Her children are the same way. Its all very sad. And i truly hope they all get the help and serve the time they need in prison.


These Casini creeps who were put in a position of trust should all get a very stiff sentence. Preying on the elderly is one of the worst things a person could ever do. I hope to DA's office or whoever, looks deeper into their backrounds as they will probably find more of this type of behavior in their past. Its not funny but what really cracks this Chicagoan up is that the jerkoff husband probably had a decent paying job with the County and all the perks that go with that job. He is an idiot and I hope they come down hard on his greedy ass as well as his wife and daughters fat asses! Do u think LIVhome will have to pay back the old ladies doe that these jerkoffs stold? Or will you, the fine taxpayers foot the bill for the misdeeds of these dispicable morons? I would go after the husbands pension first and then after any other assets these creeps have. A good way to hurt a greedy bastard is to get into their pocket. In this case i would act quickly before all of their assests are hidden and my money says they are either already claiming to be broke or the doe is its buriewd in a realative back yard! Off with their heads!tc

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