Lou Correa, The Inquisitor?

There are probably several descriptions you could give Orange County state Senator Lou Correa, but who knew one would be watchdog?

According to a Sacramento Bee article today, at a Tuesday hearing, Correa (D-Anaheim) grilled California National Guard officials about lingering and widespread corruption.

A Bee investigation found evidence of fraud topping $100 million in tainted bonuses and recruitment incentives, and federal auditors found that pilots at the Guard's Fresno-based 144th Fighter Wing were unfairly enriching themselves by taking double and triple pay for a single day of work.

In today's story, the Bee credits Captain Ronald S. Clark, an ex-Guard auditor, for serving as the whistleblower whose noble deed was unhappily welcomed by other Guard officials. No surprise there. Nowadays, demented freaks and crooks are attracted to public-service jobs--especially if they can get a gun, badge or an aircraft.

Being from Orange County, Correa--who is chairman of the senate's veteran-affairs committee--knows all about financial irregularities. He told Adjutant General Mary J. Kight that he would allow her to "implement the culture of change," but added, "We're watching," according to the report.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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Why doesn't Senator Correa take on a real issue that is affecting his constituents! Lou Correa is a sell out. The only thing that Senator Correa represents is big corporate interest!

Terri Gutierrez
Terri Gutierrez

RRRRUUFFF!!! I have met Lou Correa and I liked him before, but now I REALLY like him! I am really impressed by his scrutiny to gain control over the things that are often time overlooked. RECALL BROWN, CORREA FOR GOVERNOR!!!!

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