Radiation Detected in Japan's Tap Water and Anaheim's Air

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If you don't want to be exposed to radiation, don't drink the water in Japan.

Or . . . gulp . . . breathe the air in Anaheim.

The Japanese government today says elevated levels of radioactive iodine from a crippled nuclear plant were detected at a water treatment plant that serves Tokyo and five surrounding cities.

Infants (children younger than 1) should not drink or bathe in tap water, the Japanese government warn.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says locals have nothing to fear from the radiation detected in the air in Anaheim and Riverside.

Monitors in air filters checked this past weekend through Monday found "all of the radiation levels detected during the detailed filter analysis are hundreds of thousands to millions of times below levels of concern," reads an EPA statement on testing in Anaheim Riverside and San Francisco.

"In a typical day," the EPA adds, "Americans receive doses of radiation from natural sources like rocks, bricks and the sun that are about 100,000 times higher than what we have detected coming from Japan. For example, the levels we're seeing coming from Japan are 100,000 times lower than what you get from taking a roundtrip international flight."

Here are the Anaheim results (all units are in picocuries-per-meter cubed):

Cesium-137: 0.0017
Tellurium-132: 0.012
Iodine-132: 0.0095
Iodine-131: 0.046

Riverside results:

Cesium-137: 0.00024
Tellurium-132: 0.0014
Iodine-132: 0.0015
Iodine-131: 0.011

As near as we can tell from our underground nuclear bomb shelter, the noses of EPA officials did not grow as they released the findings. Of course, growing third eyes woulda been even scarier.

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schultzybeckett topcommenter

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King Neece
King Neece

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Knows how to read
Knows how to read

Wow. A doctor gave me 18.5 BILLION picocuries of I-131 back in December and I'm still here, and with no new appendages or superpowers to speak of.

Perhaps you idiots should calm TF down.

Caspar Milquetoast
Caspar Milquetoast

The genie is out of the bottle and we have no way of containing it. There is not a damned thing we can do if our water is contaminated by nuclear radiation. I guess we just like the idea of mass murder.

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