Bravo's Andy Cohen Says They're Done Expanding the Real Housewives Series

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Andy Cohen
About time!

According to OK!, Bravo exec Andy Cohen confirmed that Miami has gotten the last gaggle of Real Housewives.

"I really feel like we're done," he told the magazine, indicating the franchise won't be expanding with new cities.

Sorry, Boise.

The Real Housewives of Orange County
, the original series in the franchise, kicked off its sixth season this month. 

Though new towns do seem to be emerging in adult entertainment. A porn parody called The Real Housewives of San Fernando Valley (SFW link) comes out on Friday.

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Since this is "HOUSEWIVES" and most of these losers are not even wife's is Bravo going to drop them and get real married women?

Brenda Kutemeier
Brenda Kutemeier

I am sooooo glad!!! I love most of the housewives that you have had for the last few years. The housewives of Miami are discusting. Most of them are not housewives and if they are they don't act like it. The catiness is incredible. I do love Marsola and her mother but the rest of them can crawl back under their rocks and disapear. I am not watching it anymore.,


Do not create any more variations of the show. then cancel the ones that already exist. once that is done you will have a good start to TV worth watching. the only true "reality" show is life itself!


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Brian Says
Brian Says

but after the foreclosures are done the show will be rebranded Real Housewives of 909

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