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Welcome to Tweets From the Park!, where we round up the best, funniest and most irreverent tweets from Disneyland Resort for your reading pleasure. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

theorbitgroup: My girlfriend just said our cat was the best valentine ever. Publicly! The cat didn't buy her ass a pass to Disneyland!

ScubyDoobi: Lame date. She even drained all the fun outta Disneyland didn't know that was possible. No bitch I don't wanna be your friend
PunanyBandit: She crazy then fuck that bitch!! RT @DJTriniKing: This bitch wanna go to Disneyland
MrCraigBierko: There's a very thin line between love and hate and a very fat line between any two Disneyland attractions.
REBECCABASTEN: All I can remember from disneyland is some women with fat ankles. :'(
Missmii366: my bitch just said she sweatin like a pedophile at disneyland!!!! #DEAD I*HEART* MINES.... IDK WHAT U FEEL FOR URS
UrKittyGirl: Fat little girl next to me - "Mom! The best thing about disneyland? Their biscuits!" Really? That's the best thing here???
MsVega: Diego askd if id go to knotts w/ cutie ugly couples go to knotts take me to Disneyland
Mr10centimeters: Totally going to disneyland by myself today to ride the pirates ride and haunted mansion :D only if this verizon fag doesn't fix my shit ):
raayloopez: Go 2 Bed. @VanessaMonee Dream About JustinBieber&Disneyland, Worry About Shit Tomorrow.
ArielGooden: I wanna do some shit like....go to Disneyland. Or Cirque Du Soleil! Or go to Mexico and eat REAL tacos!
rowangerrard: Treated like a super star at Tokyo Disneyland haha. 20 groups of Japanese schoolgirls wanting photos and losing their shit
ummitsmitch: Damn Disneyland commercials. My parents never take my ass like these parents. #bittertweet
NEONINDEEAN: "Disneyland Rides & Attractions" on Jeopardy. I'm about to fucking own ass on this.
xKathrineRosex: Thats when i go to disneyland and u remember my friend josh....the one who i said touched my ass and my boob and almost kissed me......h ...
denisbear: dear future lover, your ass better take me to disneyland one day.
jsanity4: We Are Heroes at Disneyland. Costumes showed their sick ass camel Toes
adamWOWZERS: Omfg my parents just surprised me by taking me to a bomb ass hotel next to disneyland aww I love them #bestbirthdayever
Dlt_0895: Haha stupid lol like yesterday I was rolling in Disneyland w/ my stupid pills
sunkistdaisy: OMG.....I'm either delusional, drunk, high or possibility all three. I just registered for the 2011 @Disneyland half marathon in September.

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