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Welcome to Tweets From the Park!, where we round up the best, funniest and most irreverent tweets from Disneyland Resort for your reading pleasure. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

ryanbosia: that awkward moment when you're too fat and broke to be able to afford your appetite at disneyland. #trustmeyoudontneeditanyway
GolNASTY: "Sex is like Disneyland. It'll never get boring. You always want it" LOL coming from my virgin friend
BAM_ez: Last vday I had the longest vday sex session...6am to noon...never even made it to Disneyland
jawk: I wish I could be a face character @Disneyland but I don't think there are any movies about a fat, hairy, Nicaraguan guy who looks Indian.
shitgagatheman: @PerezHilton stop trying to ride my dick bitch this aint disneyland and your too fucking fat
estebannSerna: I want to move to cali, meet a sexy filipino girl, get married, fuck, have kids, and go to disneyland. UGHH can't wait.
Indopunk: I'm in "Disneyland Dad" mode while Jo is out: Grilled my own brand of "fat" burgers, made homemade fries, & now baking choco-chip cookies.
GENOSANGELS: wow went outside to watch the fireworks from disneyland & a little boy told me i was hella ugly all i can say is wow
StayTrueArt: Ugly girls at Knotts Berry Farm.. Disneyland has cute ones tho.
masegottheswish: There are so many places I want to Have sex at disneyland
JustJem24: If I was Melanie, Derwin would die... Then I would slap the shit out of Janey. Then I would take the kid 2 disneyland & leave his ass there
anderOTHER: Patrick Warburton one hood ass nigga. Captain soarin over California, my nigga. #disneyland
ZulmaJay: was looking through old pictures and saw the pictures of Kobe i took at disneyland when i saw him and all i can say is....what a dick!
DelNasty6point9: @MASON_MOOREXXX find Jafar from Aladdin and kick him in the dick, that dude scared the shit outta me at Disneyland when I was younger!

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