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Welcome to Tweets From the Park!, where we round up the best, funniest and most irreverent tweets from Disneyland Resort for your reading pleasure. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

SpinelliSays: I wanna go to Disneyland & do Hoodrat shit. Kick Mickey in his ass, & fuck Princess Jasmine.
Highbrow_Whore: @musingincolor hot girlie sex in the bathroom next to the Alice In Wonderland ride at Disneyland.
KevinFMONSTER: Seen this hella fat chicc with down syndrome mom try and squeeze her into the cart at the matahorn ride at disneyland...FUNNIEST SHIT EVER
ZooKrew_Bwood: @Jayare_CSD just saw bitch that was at disneyland you was baggin on a min ago. That was lookin like Eazy E & stealin food lol! Burnt out
FrogSweater: I love being drunk at Disneyland it's like I'm 5 years old again #itsgoodtpbeakidagain
SayitJordon: Walkin around disneyland alone with no intentions of ever leaving, kinda smells like horse poop by the big thunder ranch though
hot_singlemama: kids leaving 7-11 with slurpees walking towards disneyland wtf slurpees @ 9am geeze smfh
L3tDr3wScr3w: Disneyland gone get tired of seeing a nigga face... Lol
DatBlazinCajun: #BlackParentQuotes I aint gunna b spendin all this money to take yall to Disneyland for yall to act up. I can whoop yall ass @ home for free
yizzo420: Disneyland kicked my ass today.
Daze710: #wheniwaslittle there was no California Adventure. Just a big ass parking lot. #disneyland
MatttLanter: There are some weird ass people here at Disneyland.
DemiCaruso: I'm Cheesed That My Mom Never Took Me To Disneyland. Now My Ass Is Too Grown To Even Enjoy The Goddamn Place >.<
_tracyyy: So im not gonna call in sick for work. I need the money. Specially for disneyland.
Dlt_0895: My husband Justin bieber is going to Disneyland w/ me lmfao #nohomo

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