'Streaker Fail' Stuntman's Surf City Connection

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A British builder who became an Internet sensation by streaking before bouncing into a glass wall on a tennis court has a Huntington Beach connection.

Tom Annandale, a 28-year-old from Manchester, U.K., spent a year playing rugby for a Surf City-based team.

He presumably kept his uniform on back then.

He was on holiday in Spain with friends when he decided to go all Old School Will Ferrell on everyone.

Annandale explained to the Mail on Sunday what went wrong:

"I didn't realize they were playing in an enclosed court. I am 6 feet tall and weigh 16 stone and set off full pelt for my streak. It was fine until I hit the glass wall. I split my forehead, bruised my shoulder, knocked my knee and was in agony, but the worst part was the embarrassment. I had these stunned tennis players looking at me, all the lads laughing, so I just got up and ran off."

The worst em-bare-ass-ment came when video of his stunt-gone-wrong hit the Web. Various versions, which each have "Streaker Fail" in the title, have received a collective 1.5 million views since first being posted on YouTube three weeks ago. It also turned up on last night's Tosh 2.0 Tosh.0 on Comedy Central.

Here it is:

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Back in the 70s we didn't hold a hand over the jiggly bits, lad. We went balls out. Next time run like a man.

gabriel san roman
gabriel san roman

My bad. Didn't read the last sentence and didn't mean for my comment to come off like that. In any case, I think the video is a ruse. Dude's holding his package before he slams and falls...the black dividers are also a giveaway! Unless of course, alcohol was involved!


This website printapons is too cool. I use promo codes alot and hate having to look all over the place for them.

Jim Beam
Jim Beam

So did I. Never heard of Tosh 2.0 unless its a newer version!

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