[UPDATED] Tito Ortiz Takes Beating Before Next UFC Bout

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UPDATE, FEB. 21, 1:42 P.M.: A concussion and gash suffered in a head bump with his training partner has forced Tito Ortiz off the UFC Fight Night 24 card.

The "Huntington Beach Bad Boy" had been scheduled to fight Antonio Rogerio Nogueira on March 26 in Seattle. Phil Davis will step in for Ortiz.

UFC president Dana White had said an Ortiz loss would end his career in the Octagon, so all eyes are on Surf City for a possible retirement announcement given the former light heavyweight champ's latest setback.


ORIGINAL POST, JAN. 26, 4:27 P.M.: Poor Tito Ortiz.

The "Huntington Beach Bad Boy" does not even fight Antonio Rogerio Nogueira until March 26, but an army of UFC pundits have predicted an Ortiz loss ever since the "UFC Fight Night Live" card was announced. And when UFC President Dana White is not spouting off about women never fighting in his sport, he's spouting off about dropping Ortiz if he loses that bout in Seattle.

The bad Bad Boy vibes even extend to the event's poster shown above.

The 5thround.com said this about the placard for the light-heavyweight scrap to be broadcast on Spike TV: "After plastering the Huntington Beach Bad Boy's mug across countless billboards throughout the years, this may be the last time the Octagon's graphics department works with the living legend."


Ortiz has gone 0-4-1 over his past five fights, the most recent defeat being a unanimous decision in favor of the 36-year-old's opponent Matt Hamill at UFC 121 at the Honda Center in October.

Nogueira knows the feeling: He'd lost two of his previous three heading into September's UFC 119, which he had to pull out of due to a knee surgery.

Writer's note -- As reader Noah Roberts of Huntsville, Texas, correctly points out: "[Y]ou must not know that Antonio Nogueira is a twin of another Antonio Nogueria who is a heavyweight." The light-heavyweight, Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, had been scheduled to fight Tito Ortiz. The heavyweight, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, is the fighter who lost two of this last three and suffered a knee injury in UFC 119. I regret the error . . . and please don't hit me. Better yet, kill me with words like my new friend Noah: "If you want me to write your article for you then please email me and I will do so because frankly speaking, you're the worst MMA analyst I've ever read. I would say heard of but I haven't heard of you either." Insert tear running down cheek.

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what was the point of this article, i never run down aurthors for anything, even when they make no sense or have no point, but this was among the dumbest things i have ever read, consider never writing again, nothing worse than googling something and wasting my time on crap like this


I'm hella pissed that I paid money to see tito's last fight in the ufc and now I'm stuck with a ticket. Tito always let's his fans down. He should retire or start a gym while he has some fans left out there.

Don Johnson
Don Johnson

This article is horrible. You guys shouldn't cover MMA at all.

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