[UPDATED] Shane Sheckler, Superstar Skateboarder Ryan's Brother, Popped for DUI

Randy and Shane Sheckler
UPDATE, FEB. 10, 11:15 A.M.: Guess what I just pulled out of my spam folder? It's apparently a letter from Shane Sheckler's father, Randall A. Sheckler.

The communique begins, "Hey Matt Douche Bag Coker . . ."

If I had nickel!

The full letter, followed by my thoughts, after the jump . . .

Shane Sheckler

Hey Matt Douche Bag Coker,

The facebook you linked is not my son's.  Seems that an outstanding writer such as yourself (not) would realize that we have thousands and thousands of fakeface book pages.

Thanks for all the love!
Randy Sheckler


Personal Info:
Randall A. Sheckler
San Clemente, CA

An e-mail address and phone number were below the city, so it could be confirmed this was Randall A. Sheckler writing and not one of those people who send phony letters--the same misfits who create "fakeface book pages."

Meanwhile, as the father of three children who managed to make it past age 21 without DUI arrests, I could write something like maybe if one were to pay more attention to his teen than worry about counterfeit links in news blogs, this whole sorry incident may have been avoided. But I won't. That would be easy, and parenting is hard. Instead, I end with this:

Randy and Shane, you are in my thoughts.

Hope that didn't come off douchey.

ORIGINAL POST, FEB. 9, 11:24 A.M.: San Clemente's Shane Sheckler, who appeared on the MTV reality show Life of Ryan, starring his skateboarding-superstar brother Ryan Sheckler, was arrested for DUI this past weekend.

Shane, 18, was pulled over while behind the wheel of his white GMC truck for allegedly driving erratically on the streets of San Clemente Saturday morning.

Authorities claim Sheckler displayed clear signs of intoxication, so he was arrested on suspicion  of driving under the influence and booked into a nearby jail. He was released several hours later.

TMZ reports Sheckler is due back in court next month.

Ryan Sheckler is in the middle and over his left shoulder is brother Shane.

He'd appeared on Life of Ryan since its 2007 debut, as most of the action revolved around the Sheckler household, the divorce of his parents, and Ryan spending time with Shane and another younger brother, Kane Sheckler.

After three seasons, the reality show ceased production in 2009. It was later distributed as a DVD box set.

Neither Shane nor Ryan's MySpace, Twitter or Facebook pages make any reference to Saturday's arrest but, ironically, at the top right-hand corner of Shane's Facebook page [Writer's note--Or is it? Read above.] are the words "Driving in California?" over a photo of a black-and-white patrol car.

It's for a car insurance ad.

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Back Off!
Back Off!

I love Shane Thomas Sheckler with all my heart...I am a close friend of his...you people just need to back of my boy Shane! <3

one bad ass fucker
one bad ass fucker

hey matt its shane, lets handle this in person.. what do you say? unlike you im not a writer so ill skip around the bull shit. im one who handles in actions rather than words so if you would like to get in contact.. cause it seems as though your life is so filled with boredom that you have to fallow my life. haha here is a chance to have a moment you will never forget. lets get in contact budd 949.547.4169. ill show you what i mean about actions and not words, i hope to see you soon.


wow ... is this the First DUI in California?

You Cant Handle The Truth
You Cant Handle The Truth

Wait...so his beef is that you posted an incorrect link? Randy Douche Nozzle Sheckler has bigger things to worry about. Or, maybe this is why his son is in the position he is in now. He's too busy about incorrect links then parenting his underage drinking and driving son. FAIL.


I find this whole thing disturbing......I always thought "douchebag" was one word.

Im just saying
Im just saying

Its a low blow, with a pat on the back...... I like it :)

mandalay mafia
mandalay mafia

get the hell out of talega shecklers..you guys are ghetto

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