Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

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Headline: Unwanted Pit Bulls and Chihuahuas Flood OC Shelter

Comment by OCOBSERVER: "Of the 13,000 dogs impounded in 2010, nearly 5,000 of them--40 percent--were pit bulls and Chihuahuas"

No surprise to me. Those are the breeds of choice in Santa Ana. Have you ever seen any responsible behavior come from that city? So why would you expect it with dogs? They can't even control or take care of their own kids. How would you expect them to care for a dog?

Comment by NONAMEOC: And it's against the machismo code to nueter your male (dog) so the problem is perpetuated.

Comment by OCOBSERVER: If we started neutering some of the owners the world would be a much better place to live.

Comment by SICMARC: This is very sad. Both the plight of the Dogs, and then the two Racists who will grasp at anything to spew their hate. You two should be ashamed of yourselves.

Comment by SICMARC: Racist? Since when is complaining about a city that is the crime capital of OC where reckless, lawless behavior is routine and assumed a racist remark? If I saw the same behavior coming from Mission Viejo I would say the same thing about that city.

Comment by JOHN: Santa Ana is a toilet, if you dont have a job and your not responsible, you shouldnt have the privledge to have a pet.

Comment by OCAVATAR: Sadly, this dialogue about unwanted animals is also a commentary about irresponsible (no make that, third world interlopers) individuals who claim to pursue the American Dream, but accesses it illegal and are only able to soil it.


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It's very simple.. just leave them in Garden Grove, trust me after the slant-eyes get a hold of them, you'll be killing two birds with one stone. Asians eat dogs and cats right?


When are these baboons going to stop dumping their crapppy prejudicial speech against Santa Ana residents? Don't they have anything better to do? If they'd only bother to read and educate themselves, they would find out that there are lots of pit bull and Chihuaua dog owners outside of Santa Ana. Those are expensive breeds, you morons!


"those are expensive breeds!"

you're the moron

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