OC Lifespan Report: San Juan Capistrano Residents Expected to Live Longest, Buena Park Residents to Die Earliest

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Forget the palm readers. If you really want to predict how long you'll live, check your ZIP code.

The latest lifespan report from the Orange County Health Care Agency shows that county residents born in 2008 can expect to live 81.5 years, nearly six months longer than the state average and four years longer than the national average. The number has climbed since 1990, when the average life expectancy in Orange County was 76.9.

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Orange County Health Care Agency
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The findings, broken down city by city, show that San Juan Capistrano residents are expected to outlive everyone with a life expectancy of 85.2 years. Buena Park ranked lowest at 79.3 years.

Orange County Health Care Agency
Socioeconomics play a major role, the data shows. Cities with higher levels of education, income and health-insurance access have longer life expectancies. The report found that women are expected to live to 83.2, men to 79.6. In terms of race and ethnicity, Asians have the highest life expectancy in the county (84.7), followed by Latinos (83.1), African-Americans (80.4) and whites (80.3).

See the full report here.

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